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Which innovative projects with a social impact inspire you the most?

I have been travelling around the world for 9 months now, making documentaries about unusual things I see.

From now, I'd like to start a mini serie of videos about social entrepreneurship, focusing on innovative and original projects that have an impact on the world.
Whether it's a social business, a NGO, a local group, which project do you think people should know about, that inspires you, are fascinating, innovative or simply fun?

I'd like to make a list of 25-50 organizations that I will go visit and make a documentary about.

Here are a few initiatives I like:


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  • Nov 14 2011: I think its a great idea I have a list of over 100 or more such enterprises If you'd like to collaborate with upcoming film makers this side of the pond to do this Let me know.
    Grameen phone and others like that MXshare in Africa etc. allows people to share cellphone time which could be unaffordable. It has also become a business for many people who rent out phone time (Very lucrative)
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      Nov 15 2011: It would be awesome. I would need some help for sure. My idea in the end is to start an inspirational TV Channel so I will definitely need some talented film makers. I will probably start by myself to see if I can get people interested in that project. You can send me the list through the contact form on my website: http://www.jeanlucnguyen.com/#contact (don't like to leave my email address on forums in order to avoid spam).
      Thanks a lot !

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