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Which innovative projects with a social impact inspire you the most?

I have been travelling around the world for 9 months now, making documentaries about unusual things I see.

From now, I'd like to start a mini serie of videos about social entrepreneurship, focusing on innovative and original projects that have an impact on the world.
Whether it's a social business, a NGO, a local group, which project do you think people should know about, that inspires you, are fascinating, innovative or simply fun?

I'd like to make a list of 25-50 organizations that I will go visit and make a documentary about.

Here are a few initiatives I like:


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  • Nov 13 2011: Your question is a good one. But there are many "socially inspired" projects based on indiviudal background and community spirit taht are important for that person or the small group quarterback. Due to my community service activiits as a community tv prducer for many years, I came to know the wonderful work many non-profits, 501-c-3 organizations are doing, mostly with volunteers in their own community and region. My "Project Ideas" under my "Conversation" highlights those that are inspiring to me and others I know on a personal basis with whom I share common apsirations for pursuit of "healthier community" and prosperity on a community and region basis.

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