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How do you deal with anxiety?

Many of us sometimes become anxious. How do you deal with it? As a student, sometimes I do not know how to deal - how to just calm down. What are your suggestions? Any suggestions would be appreciated=)

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    Nov 10 2011: Amygdala. The reptilian brain. Still useful in fact essential but can get over stimulated. Wont turn off!!!! Delivers too much cortisol and then the frontal cortex gets flooded. Memory and other functioning stutters. A little cortisol is good . Helps us to focus and learn. a little anxiety is good.Got to start stimulating left frontal lobe - positve action and language part of the brain. Got to get back control .Exercise of course. got to break the bad habits.When you start to feel anxious- fight it. Do something positive. Do Do Do Do!. Address your concerns. What are you anxious abou? . Find the courage to tackle it. Go against the tide. It gets easier. See a good friend though you might not want to - if you havent got one go find one!.. Read but not too much. DO!! Do!!! Eat an apple. not fatty foods. Water. Run. Think positive . As soon as it comes upon you . . Change tack do something else. Break free from the negative neural loop. Find a positive one. Practise it Practise it!!!!!.
    Try practising Mindfulness.
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    Nov 8 2011: Thank you for asking this very important question Alisa. I also suffer(ed) from anxiety and I have learned a couple things through that process.

    When I don't listen to my instinct, that quiet but very wise voice inside, I go against my truth. When I go against my truth for too long I begin to get anxious. For me, it is my body's way of making me pay attention to the choices I am making. That anxiety will build and build to the point of overwhelming pain. It's awful! The minute I do something about the situation, the anxiety goes away. If I live authentically, meaning, if I live with truth, honesty, and listening to my instinct - live a life with integrity, then my anxiety is decreased or diminished all together.

    The other thing I've learned is if I'm having anxiety over money for example, or if I am feeling fearful then I run. I jog up hills because it's a harder work out. The release of that negative energy through a physical activity works every time. I ALWAYS come back feeling centered, calm and clear in thoughts. The anxiety disappears. This works for me and has NEVER let me down. It is the greatest thing I've ever done for my has helped me heal past pain and manage current stress.

    So, I guess it's a combination of physical activity and seeking to understand my behaviour and patterns to see if there is something that is going against what I really know is right, just or good for me or others around me.

    I hope that helps. I have a blog where I write about these experiences (like last Christmas I had a terrible attack) if that is at all useful to you.

    Thank you for reaching out, asking questions and taking control of your mental and emotional health. You are very brave.

    With a smile,
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    Nov 29 2011: Here's an answer for you Alisa, from the Holy Bible:
    "Be careful (anxious) for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God. And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus." (Philippians chapter 4, verses 6 and 7).
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    Nov 11 2011: Chocolate.
  • Nov 8 2011: Hi Alisa
    I have anxiety and have found that meditating on a twice a day basis has helped me. It also helps to face whatever it is that's causing your anxiety and it will break down. Anxiety is an irrational fear, our brain gets tricked into feeling that we are in danger, so tell yourself you are safe as often as you can. Hope this helps.
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    Nov 13 2011: Had many experiences with that.... i too get anxious a lot,for me listening to music and writing song lyrics about the thoughts going through my mind really helps.Because im not very good at expressing my emotions and opening up to other people ,i tend to keep everything in ..but the anxiety just gets stronger,so i would advice you to think about whats causing you the anxiety?,then reflect upon it and finally you will be able to calm down and think with a clear mind about solving your problem.Hope this helps :)
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    Nov 11 2011: Anxiety is a natural reaction to being born into a generation of children without parents. Medication will help, but it's not treating the actual cause, which is a culture of fear and paranoia that is incredibly persistent and difficult to avoid in this country. Accept that there is absolutely nothing wrong with you, and understand that anyone who doesn't suffer from severe anxiety and clinical depression in this country, should seek immediate medical attention. If you are not angry, anxious, and depressed about what this country, and culture have become, then there is something severly wrong with you brain... In other words... It's not you, it's them.

    Edit... I am realizing now that you are not American, but I'm not going to edit the initial post, because the same can be said almost anywhere in the modern world : p. We're confused, we're in debt, we don't want to pay people what they're worth, our leaders have no idea what's going on, and we're constantly at war with people that are no legitimate credible threat to us.

    Also culture is evolving incredibly quickly, masculinity, femininity, parenting, almost all of our traditional institutions are being challenged and reformed on a global level, and there's no real mythology for what the future of these things are going to look like. That's not to say that these reforms won't be great, it's simply to mention the fact that we have 3000 years of literature and music, talking to our children about traditional lifestyles... There aren't many books about dual parent income families. Not many songs about female bread winners.

    It's an anxious time to live in, but it's supposed to inspire action. As an optimist, I'm actually kind of hoping that the Arab Spring might carry over into a series of democratic revolutions in the western and northern world. Strangely enough, I think the art has to come first. If you ever feel alone in your anxiety, read Dostoevsky's "Crime and Punishment", the feelings are universal.