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Can we invent a process to directly convert CO2 into some kind of harmless gas to Ozone?

I believe most of the CO2 contributing to our planet is from our transportation (i.e cars, trucks, Buses and etc...). So, my little stupid idea is: Can we invent a small device which can convert CO2 into other harmless gases, and then to Ozone? It should also be attached in our cars tail pipes.

Thank you
Wish all the peoples on planet have wisdom to care our planet.

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    Dec 7 2011: I would suggest a different approach on the question: there is a project in Iceland about turning CO2 into hard matter, and you can read more about it in (tere are some links to follow into the offical site of the project Carbfix). In small scale CO2 is harmless (and needed for the living beings on the planet), and there are catalysers for it (check the article in
  • Nov 9 2011: Hi Zin,

    The short answer is no. From a normal point of view CO2 is about as harmless as it gets. It's not a problem until you get the gigantic amounts that change the makeup of the entire. atmosphere..

    You would not want ozone in any case. Ozone is particularly nasty stuff at street level. And, you still have the carbon to deal with somehow.

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    Doug Bell
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    Nov 7 2011: Question: "Can we invent small device which can convert CO2 into others harmless gases to Ozone and also can be attached in our cars tail pipes."

    Yes, but it would most likely produce more CO2 than it removed from the enviroment. Devices need to powered. Power requires exergy (not energy), and burning fossil fuels is the cheapest way to produce exergy. If there was a simple way to "scrub" CO2 from combustion products, it would have been done long ago.