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How do you A) Define HAPPINESS and B) Sustain it?

I am interested in what people believe 'makes' them happy. How do you know when you are happy and how do you sustain this feeling of wellness? Your answers, opinions and insight are greatly appreciated and respected. Thank you!


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  • Nov 7 2011: I agree with the previous comment. In modern western society we are bombarded with the illusion that everyone else is happier than we are because they have a nicer car, better clothes, or a bigger television. Or perhaps it is the romance novels, and happy ever after stories that we are taught that make us believe love is out there and it will just fall into your lap and you will never hurt once you find your soulmate. All of this has caused people to constantly desire more, when in reality you will never feel fulfilled and happy if you are always trying to have the best. Happiness isn't about finding the best things, its about finding the best IN things. Only when you begin looking for the happiness in your life that you already have will you truly feel happy.
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      Nov 7 2011: Thank you Joshua, interesting points.

      For years I was so profoundly UNHAPPY that I can absolutely agree with you that no house, car, relationship, job, or lovely holiday can fill you with joy that has any lasting effect. Only when I truly made a decision to examine, understand, process and finally heal past pain, current patterns and toxic relationships could I sustain an authentic life.

      I believe living authentically - being true to yourSELF, your values, morals, instinct and word leads to a life full of joy, laughter, love, contentment as Lynn pointed out, and 'real' relationships. It allows you to be more open with others because you are solid within yourself. It is not without struggles or hardships but it is with honesty...and that creates a lighter energy...

      Now I wake up with gratitude...and a quiet, peaceful heart knowing I am being who I am...it took hard work, but it was absolutely worth it!

      Thanks for adding to this conversation!
      With a smile,

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