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If you are delighted by food, what do you like to cook? Lets share the recipe too. So, what do you enjoy to cook?

I am just a regular guy who loves to eat food - especially if it's made at home. I know i can get most food out in a restaurant, or even frozen - but there's nothing like making it. Let's talk about the food we enjoy cooking - the food that we're delighted by! Yummy!

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  • Nov 7 2011: You can try this food too. Its a Nepalese food from Newar Race called "Chatamari'.


    Rice Flour, Green peppar, tomato, onion, Egg, and Grounded (Chix, Beef or Pork)


    Make batter of rice flour kind of liquid ( when u pour in pan, so it can spread), put a salt to taste and keep aside.
    Cut Green pepper, tomato and onion small sizes.
    Cook grounded (chix, beef or pork) in separate pan. Mix it with some spices like Ground ( Coriander, Cumin, and Garlic & Ginger Paste), Cook well.

    Cookin Steps:

    1) Put oil on pan and bring it to heat. Once heated, pour batter of rice flour on it spread it all over the pan.( its thinner than waffle)
    2) Break a egg and put it in the middle of pan (plz do not scramble it) and cover it.
    3) After 4-5 minutes, put grounded(chix, beef or pork on the top of it),spread cut ones of tomato, green pepper, onion, cilantro. Again cover it with lid. Leave it for few min.
    4) Check if egg yolk is cook. If is well cooked. Your food is ready.

    I like to take this Chatamari with Cilantro Sauce or mint sauce. Based on ur taste you can make it.

    thank you all .

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