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If you are delighted by food, what do you like to cook? Lets share the recipe too. So, what do you enjoy to cook?

I am just a regular guy who loves to eat food - especially if it's made at home. I know i can get most food out in a restaurant, or even frozen - but there's nothing like making it. Let's talk about the food we enjoy cooking - the food that we're delighted by! Yummy!

  • Nov 7 2011: You can try this food too. Its a Nepalese food from Newar Race called "Chatamari'.


    Rice Flour, Green peppar, tomato, onion, Egg, and Grounded (Chix, Beef or Pork)


    Make batter of rice flour kind of liquid ( when u pour in pan, so it can spread), put a salt to taste and keep aside.
    Cut Green pepper, tomato and onion small sizes.
    Cook grounded (chix, beef or pork) in separate pan. Mix it with some spices like Ground ( Coriander, Cumin, and Garlic & Ginger Paste), Cook well.

    Cookin Steps:

    1) Put oil on pan and bring it to heat. Once heated, pour batter of rice flour on it spread it all over the pan.( its thinner than waffle)
    2) Break a egg and put it in the middle of pan (plz do not scramble it) and cover it.
    3) After 4-5 minutes, put grounded(chix, beef or pork on the top of it),spread cut ones of tomato, green pepper, onion, cilantro. Again cover it with lid. Leave it for few min.
    4) Check if egg yolk is cook. If is well cooked. Your food is ready.

    I like to take this Chatamari with Cilantro Sauce or mint sauce. Based on ur taste you can make it.

    thank you all .
  • Nov 7 2011: Thanks Michael M and Linda Hesthag Ellwein, I will definitely try at this at home now to savor my palate.
  • Nov 7 2011: I love cooking! Cooking is making love with food. Everything from the purchase to the prep to cooking and sharing should be done with great love.
    My recipe for a Mexican dish Chilaquiles

    Papi’s Chilaquiles

    20 white corn tortillas
    1 lb tomatillos
    1 TBS of dried cumin
    2 tsp of dried mexican oregano
    2-3 garlic cloves
    2 onions
    2 chile serranos
    Chicken broth
    2 TB of sugar
    Canola oil
    Sweet Mexican cream
    Monterrey Jack Cheese
    1 med to lg saucepan
    1 deep frying pan
    1 casserole dish

    Peel and wash the tomatillos and place them in a blender
    Peel and half one onion and place half in the blender
    Peel the two garlic cloves and place them in blender
    Prepare two cups of chicken broth (I prefer Knorr Suiza) and place in the blender
    Chop the ends off the chiles and if you want less spicy, seed and devein one of them. Place in blender
    Add the 2 TBS of sugar, the cumin and oregano (You may use a little less cumin if you like, the oregano is basic.)
    Liquefy the mixture at least for three minutes in the blender. It should be consistent and smooth.
    While that is blending, heat 2-3 TB of canola oil in lg saucepan. It should be very hot (almost, but not quite smoking)
    When the blending is finished, add the sauce to the pan (Be careful here, this will sizzle and pop like crazy) Searing the sauce makes the flavors jump
    Bring the mixture to a boil and let simmer while you prepare the tortillas

    The tortillas
    Quarter or eighth the 20 tortillas
    Prepare a deep frying pan with a thin layer of canola oil.
    Fry the tortilla pieces until they are crisp and have browned some. Do not overfill the pan and add oil as necessary in the batches. (Frying the tortillas is very necessary in order that they NOT fall apart in cooking.)
    When all the pieces are fried place them all back in the frying pan.
  • Nov 7 2011: Second half of recipe

    (You can do the next step by adding the tortillas to the sauce in the saucepan if you have used a larger one, or don’t have a deep frying pan.)
    Add the tomatillo sauce to the tortillas (or vice versa) and turn the heat down.
    The next step is tricky and needs to be learned with experience
    Let the mixture simmer only long enough that most of the sauce has soaked into the tortillas. They should be soaked through, but there should be some sauce left over. Turn it off when it gets to this point.

    Spray Pam in an 8-10 in casserole dish. It should be 6in deep or so
    Add half of the tomatillo-tortilla mixture to the dish
    Slice the other half of the onion into rings and place several on top of this mixture
    Add a layer of Monterrey Jack Cheese
    Add the remaining tomatillo-tortilla mixture
    Place several onion rings on top of this. And cover the casserole
    Bake in a 375 deg oven for about 20 minutes (Again, watch this. It should be slightly bubbly on the sides, but not dried out. If it takes less time to do this skip to next line)
    Remove the top and grate more cheese on the dish.
    Pop it back in the oven without the top only long enough to melt the top cheese.

    Have more thin onion rings on the table with the cream
    Serve the casserole hot from the oven
    Allow people to place their own amount of onions and cream on top
    I personally like a fried egg on mine, placed on top after the onions and cream
    This recipe is guaranteed to feed four to five but I wouldn’t push it.

    Eating and Misc. comments
    Some would disagree with this Chilaquiles recipe. Actually, chilaquile recipes are like Mexican mothers, everyone has one. Eating should be done slowly with a good cup of Chiapineco coffee. Family and friends should share the meal. There should be laughter. The kitchen should smell of cumin, oregano, tomatillos and fried tortillas. If it doesn’t smell this way you have not followed the recipe.
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    Nov 7 2011: Not directing this at anyone. Among other things I am a "4-star" pescatarian gourmet chef. But I find it sad that some people live to eat, and eat to live.
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    Nov 7 2011: I made Roasted Butternut Squash Soup with Ginger and OJ tonight. Also a Potato, Leek and Bacon soup. Main meal was Portabello mushrooms sauteed in garlic and olive oil, topped with grilled tomatoes, sun dried tomatoes and mozzarella. So good! How about you?

    I toasted croutons for the potato soup and I burned the french bread croutons under the broiler. Had too many things going at once. Ah well...the bread was unnecessary... :)
  • Nov 6 2011: Lets talk about the failure too when trying to make it but it rounded it something else?