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What is your take on today's main stream music?

Is today's main stream music even any good or is it just popularity music now? Does it have a good message? People today seem to just follow what everyone listens to. Does a song today even sound any different from another song?

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    Nov 13 2011: I value every piece of music and respect every genre.However i think todays mainstream music isnt what music should be.Nearly all of their lyrics are about the same topics:partying,alcohol and sex....I think music should convey true,pure emotions and individual ideas instead of the topics above.
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    Nov 12 2011: I'm with you, man! Alot of mainstream music is fun and catchy and thats ok with me but what just irritates me is when the content of a song is so shallow and stupid but and the "artist'??? tries to pass it off as some sort of deep/substantial art form. I mean just call a spade a spade right? If I am in a reflective mood I will play some Leonard Cohen or something like that but if I just want to be stupid and sing or whatever-I will listen to the radio hahah
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    Nov 10 2011: Some of it is good for a sing-along in the car but for the most part it's not my thing.
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      Nov 10 2011: i agree and some is good for a dance and stuff like that but most of the stuff i listen to now is not main stream and if it is it has to be REALLY good!
  • Nov 7 2011: Hi J,

    Some is good, most is mediocre, some it pretty bad. Be careful that you don't think that music from previous eras was all wonderful. A few years do a really good job of filtering out the awful stuff.

    Doug Bell
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      Nov 7 2011: i'm not meaning music from different eras when it comes to the message of a song because the message in main stream music really hasn't changed. but i agree with you on your view thanks for the comment!
  • Nov 13 2011: Lets dont forget about the space between +- one standard deviation in population distribution called standards and universal, common for most and by most expected. It is not create for sublime transpersonal, mystical (or psychotic) moments but for "feel the flow" while social culture exploding on the weekend, people proceeding cult of Bachus, dont really focus on the ambient.
    Other point of it is that is a product of the Culture, more less imposed, given as imperative but prepared before served. Popculture- soft music, mostly make moved to interact- light music (dont really know what light music means).
    Other point- biological determination of the optimal level of stimulation required by the nervous system to reach the level of activity needed for best effectiveness and efficiency in all fields of lifes.
    Could write something of Le Bon and Lippman concepts and intellectual needs related with our valuating music but....
    for the end just say that mainstream music as for me is the music I performe, because I am the one who's getting impact , same as all of those who read this and actively spin own music taste up, no matter if dive in noise music on sunday morning or writing poetry with music owith 180 BPM
    Is the songs sound different from other? all the music genres have internal system of creating. If I dont know something then simply it is sounding same as others
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    Nov 12 2011: What is mainstream?
    This is what I asked myself in the first place hearing your question. Music is so diverse that I can't pick a definition for mainstream. If you consider American music or Britt pop to be such I'll share a few examples of music. I believe they really have a deeper message:

    And I consider the last one to be a very good example of music with meaning and message.
    Is this deeper meaning? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hSjIz8oQuko :) Just wondering!