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Is the power of passion greater than that of knowledge?

In your experience, which has been the dominant one in generating your successes?


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    Nov 6 2011: No doubt, passion is stronger. Passion has no limits but is stupid sometimes, knowledge limits itself with his own wisdom.
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        Nov 7 2011: Real success means innovation, breaking limits, creating something new and original. Only passion can provide this. But some people refer success as earning money, or social recognition or wining awards... . That kind of success can be provided by kwoledge needing very little passion.
    • Nov 6 2011: So you mean that passion is somewhat undefined and unlimited, and therefor inherit a greater chance of provoking success. Knowledge itself is based upon firm building blocks and can not be used with as much ''outside - the - box - thinking''.
      Thank you for your response.

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