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Is the Artificial Inteligence good for Man Kind or bad?

Should robots have human feelings?
Should robots have the power to kiling humans?
Should the Artificial Inteligence develop at a point that humans don't know how to interact with other humans?
At what point does this going to affect our lifestyle?
How does the governments have the power to control this?

Think about it! The develop of Artificial Inteligence it's a BIG MISTAKE!! WE GOT TO STOP!!

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    Nov 13 2011: The problem is not the robots to think on their own. The problem is the people in the world that teaches/controls the robots.
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    Nov 13 2011: In our world there will be always someone who practices the good and the evil. There will be always someone who is pro and against. So it got to exist some entity that controles this developement.
    Cientists spend all their lives to achieve something, to discover or create something that no one has ever reached. And sometimes, in the middle of their entusiastic discover they can not realise if their contribute to Mankind it will be mostly good or bad, or if it falls for the wrong hands how destructive could it be.
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    Nov 8 2011: I think interest in artificial intelligence will whither away once self aggragating neural networks become popular. Long before artificial intelligence ever becomes this developed, we'll have completely turned to organic machinery.

    Isn't that scarier? Cyborgs.
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      Nov 8 2011: The universe has several distinct techniques to achieve intelligence and yet we still struggle to know our own. Which we may at first perfect our mind's mechanism as an organic network but in time it we will use that to discover a better technique of thinking. The debate: “Is this progress for Mankind or is it our ruin?” I believe it is our legacy and our doom. Progression is natural just as our million years ago ancestors are now gone so shall we be replaced with better forms of earthlings. I just do not want the pain to be self-inflicted for lack of direction.
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        Nov 8 2011: Well doom is something inevitable for everything that exists. Even if we manage to evade whatever possible dooms await our species, we won't be able to do it without tremendous sacrifices. Our sanity is likely to be one of them.

        How's this for a scenario... imagine the earth is to reach its doom somehow and we've managed to survive to see it. We come to face the fact that we can no longer survive as we currently exist, and we design what a sci fi author might imagine as the perfect body. Every cell is some kind of organic nano bot and as a network they can rearrange themselves in any way imaginable. We become a kind of smart dust, with the ability to assume any form we desire and survive in absolutely any environment. And there we spread throughout the universe... never dying and possibly never reproducing, likely with no metabolism.

        So at this point, what is life, and what makes it enjoyable? What makes it agonizing? Is there love? Is there sex? Is there trust, fear, nostalgia, desire? Are we even alive? And if there is agony, are we stuck with it for eternity? To what purpose are we to exist?

        This all more has to do with mortality than intelligence, but the premise is much the same. To what purpose are we to defeat nature?
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    Nov 8 2011: If humans did the human things and left the dull, dirty, and dangerous jobs to robots we all be better off. If we all got to enjoy the spoils of their work but as its going now it will be only the owners of the robots that will have it all including the concerns you fear. There is no stopping robots rise. It is expected in a mere 1000 years we will be their lapdogs if we be at all. They are our children the next step in evolution. We cannot leave this planet but they will represent us in the universe. We must teach our children well.
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    Nov 7 2011: The creation of an actual AI will also require the full knowledge of how the human brain functions. Even though we have made great discoveries on the neurological level, I have yet to hear news that we fully understand this complex organ. I personally believe it is near impossible to artificially make a human brain. I think we shall always be limited to only what we can program a robot to do.
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    Nov 7 2011: let's find out.
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    Nov 7 2011: It depends on how we program the robots.

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    Nov 7 2011: I do believe that sciences is a force of good. However, we need ethic and philosophy of moral even more than it has ever been when all the technologies are growing so fast.
  • Nov 6 2011: I believe there is so much fear about Artificial Intelligence because we, as humans, believe that AI will think just like human people. There is this unfounded belief that AIs will fear so much about self-preservation or resent people for their treatment that the AIs will lash out at humanity.

    However, Artificial Intelligence does imply Artificial Emotions.

    Regardless of how AIs will ultimately operate, I think it is best to keep them out of the military decision tree. It may be safe to use AIs to deliver medical supplies and standard resources to a battle but when we rely on them to kill targets, we will have crossed a line that may never be undone.