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Is truth relative?

Is truth relative? Can truth really be different for one person compared to another? What is your thinking on this?


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    Nov 6 2011: What i mean is we have common sense which is a general truth for everyone,but there are 'smaller' ones that vary from person to person.For example Christians believe that Jesus was really the son of God (that's common sense for them) but atheists don't.Another example in everyday life:I might love my girlfriend so much but she might be cheating on me and i don't know it.Then for me the truth is that she loves me too.But it's not true for her or someone else who knows what's going on.Now,i'd be glad to read your opinion! :)
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      Nov 6 2011: i believe the same way you do some truth is relative by how you were brought up and raised but i also strongly believe that a person has a moral truth that is in everyone's nature.

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