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How has TEDx impacted you

As a coordinator of a TEDx event, my life has been changed in many ways. My mind has been opened to new ideas and concepts, I've learned to trust members of the coordinating committee, I've learned more about social media, and I've seen the impact of the simple act of sharing a well-thought-out idea.

  • Nov 24 2011: Keeps my thinking off balance.
  • Nov 21 2011: Hi Randall. Being a newbee to Ted all I can add is to say thank you Ted, I'm home.
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    Nov 9 2011: Ted has allowed me to be more open to other's opinions, and has helped me gain a better understanding of the world through peoples thoughts. i've also developed as an individual. seeing other people take a stand and express their thoughts has allowed me to become more open and outgoing when expressing myself in school. prior to ted, i always held back. i was known as the student who never speaks and shares because she's scared that people will laugh or worse ignore her, but now i have more confidence because i know every idea is valuable, and it's not wrong to be wrong, it's wrong to not try.
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      Nov 9 2011: Yes, Estrella, I used to be the quiet one as well. Watching TED videos and reading some of the materials the speakers have written has helped me become much more comfortable with sharing my ideas.
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    Nov 7 2011: The TED influence is so quiet and calm....for me theres no impact. Just a nice breeze from a sea of ideas and concepts. TED is like a sail navegating in a sunny day.
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      Nov 9 2011: Jamie...love your comparison to TEDx as a nice breeze from a sea of ideas and concepts. Don't you think that now and then a stronger gust of wind comes along and moves you faster and farther? It's been that way for me.
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        Nov 26 2011: Randall it could be as you said. If theres a strong wind in the open sea I can set my sails and command my ship...but not all the TED winds are strong or good, so sometimes I decide to let it pass.

        Really the "fast" things are not good enough...are "fast- idious" Im not in hurry...farther?....maybe but first I have to see my own maps to decide if I need or want to go.
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    Nov 15 2011: TED has shown me that there actually are intelligent human beings out there and that there is in fact hope for humanity
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    Nov 8 2011: Do you people know how is to scream to an "empty room"?

    Well I used to feel like that! Love brainstorming and I knew there were other people like that just didn't know where! There aren't that many people willing to think hard and doubt, or feeling safe to share...

    I found TED and here there is a feedback!
    There are ideas from every where and it feels like I found the right "room"!

    Besides this TED talks are rich in new ideas to new and old problems and usually they give me hope in a better future.
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      Nov 15 2011: I scream to an "empty room" all to often. The fact is that most people are more concerned with what they are doing over the weekends than issues that really matter. However I am glad there is such a thing as TED so people can actually brainstorm solutions to said issues
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    Nov 8 2011: I just attended a University TEDx event featuring student talks. As a TA it was inspiring to see so many students voluntarily attending talks on a Saturday! There's something so refreshing for everyone about learning for interest's sake and it was a good reminder about what good ideas young students have!
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    Nov 7 2011: TED for me is Try Every Day.
    It's the forth day that I'v been here which makes me keep saying to myself that If only I had been here earlier.
    Try Every Day ,for there's too many great ideas in the world waiting for me to share with;
    Try Every Day ,for the first time I'v met so many kind wisdom people from different countries.
    In a word,TEDx has impacted on me so much.
  • Nov 5 2011: TED has provided me hope that there is both a will to share good ideas and a desire to investigate new ideas via the internet.
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    Dec 4 2011: My only experience of TEDX is in watching TEDX talks. I really wish there were a way to recommend some of these talks to the main TED site. Some of them are truly outstanding! I have found ways to bring them forward to the TED staff but it is not without effort. Simply having a permanent TED idea thread on TED conversations would allow those of us who make a point of watching TEDX talks to give a heads up to the entire community when a really stellar talk pops up!
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    Dec 4 2011: It has made me be on the constant look out for ideas and inspirations in the world good enough to be their own TED talks. TED is now the place that I go to when I am looking for truth and solidarity.
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      Dec 4 2011: Emmanuel recuerde que hay mas mundo, mucho mas, fuera de TED, que dentro de TED. La verdad que usted busca o dice buscar tambien esta en la vida real, mas alla de TED. Esta bien que TED exista pero aun antes de TED todo estaba bien y a veces mejor. De hecho las grandes inteligencias y les pequeñas, desde Colon y Einstein hasta la señora que va diario al mercado, seguramente no necesitn de TED. Sin TED la vida sigue.
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        Dec 4 2011: Claro, y si no fuera por ese mundo yo no hubiera llegado a encontrar lo que es TED en el presente. Eso es lo mas bello que tiene esta organizacion, esas verdades que yo me encuentro en el mundo exterior son las mas bellas e inspirantes que me encuentro. La trizteza pasada era que en el mundo exterior son pocas las personas que uno se encuentra que comparten esa fascinacion con el mundo exterior.

        Antes de TED mis fascinaciones eran solitarias, a veces compartidas solo con mis libretas. Ahora cuando las busco o las encuentro, no solo las encuentro aqui conmigo, sino con todos los participantes de TED que comparten sus ideas en la red con nosotros. Aunque es cierto que ellos no necesitaron, y ni tu ni yo necesitamos, lo importante es que TED existe. Y aunque no lo necesito, realmente lo quiero y reconozco que el tenerlo me hace la vida un poco mas facil y mucho mas lindo.
  • Dec 3 2011: force 'out of box'!
  • Dec 2 2011: the richard feynman lectures and celebration has been wonderful
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    Nov 25 2011: Having been invited to perform as a guest entertainer for two past TEDx events it has exposed me to influential people who are doers and are as passionate about what they do as I am. It is a real good feeling to be surrounded by such an energy in an room. It is inspiring and encouraging. The ideas shared are so diverse that it is healthy and enriching to digest.

    Also having performed for TEDx as a beatboxer, TED's beatboxer James Burchfield have also reached out and expressed interest to collaborate with me. TED is a wonderful conference that connects the three worlds of Technology, Entertainment, Design. The TED motto "Ideas Worth Spreading" is phenomenal.
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    Nov 18 2011: TED was just what I wanted at first, a forum for communication and meeting people worth meeting.
  • Nov 15 2011: Cool!!! :) With all the respect to the Ted community, what is your question, sir?
  • Nov 12 2011: Emm, I login in this website because my English teacher said it was helpful to develop our English. But after watching some videos, I changed my mind. This TED.com is not for language-teaching, it's a place where everyone share ideas and settle problems. So great to know the TED, I have to say.
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    Nov 11 2011: It has impacted me by giving me a platform to discuss ideas that affect all of us. That just doesn't always happen in one's everyday life. People get stuck in the everyday life kinda stuff.

    I think TED has the potential to help change the world because we can have conversations about subjects that impact all of our lives and we can have these 'talks' with people from all over the world, from all walks of life, from different cultures and perspectives etc.

    This works because TED is like the world-diverse, full of questions, and in need of collaboration.

    I love TED and I love science.
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    Nov 9 2011: I would love to do this but how should I do this?Maybe gather some interesting people and go somewhere with more students o you mean organize it in my school?
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    Nov 9 2011: Ads in TED?..........please remove that dirt......
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    Nov 9 2011: Randall if theres a strong wind...wllcome, as a sailor i can see and know how I use that wind...if I let the wind flow and dispose my intellectual sails and my emotional ship sure I'll reach some land in this island without shores.

    But if I cant go further I throw my anchor to the bottom of the se to be firm and resiste the storm. Sometimes TED is a storm with fiercy and good winds, sometimes is calm and quiet seas. I navigate singing an old sailors song while I command my ship. And if I need some wind, i set up my sails.
  • Nov 9 2011: Great topic.
    I am new here and first time using it. it fine and lot of information here.
  • Nov 9 2011: it has a huge impact on me ........it has inspired me and changed the way i think.........
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    Nov 8 2011: I remember like it was yesterday when I came across TED ever since then it has been something I watch and has become a part of my day to day to enrich my spirit and to feel confident about my Ideas. Thanks TED
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    Nov 8 2011: I have practical ideas that require virtually no capital that could alter the future of mankind. With a tiny bit of help I can do great things. In a world filled with unemployed, it is a shame I can't find anyone with any time to help.
  • Nov 8 2011: It's given me a new form of procrastination. THANK YOU TED!!
  • Nov 7 2011: TED lives up to the saying "Ideas Worth Spreading", From the first TED video I saw on leadership (in a science class I think it was) was in that moment TED became the only source of knowledge I wanted to go to or even know about because of how simply amazing and very intuitive this whole place is. TED as long as you's keep the amazing talks up you may just changing the world. :)
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    Nov 7 2011: TED is Think in Every Dimension....it has told this world that there a lot of ideas in your mind and all you need to work on those possibly weird ideas...i have been watching these videos since 9 months and it is like i am borne again...it has opened up my mind and made me think that there is nothing impossible and nothing weird in this world
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    Nov 6 2011: very well said its a very good platform to exchange ideas and thought process of cross cultural places and people....
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    Nov 6 2011: From the point of view of a young student this is a great idea! I attended a TEDx conference and it was when I said I found it! There is a place where I can listen to very interesting ideas, thoughts and questions. It personally helps me develop my english in a different way (debating ideas) which I didn't do normally. I find that most people of my age don't have many curiosity or enthusiasm for learning new things apart from the things they study. They don't want to "brake their brains" thinking of future, education possibilities etc..they are content with vanal Facebook conversations and I find this very sad.
    We are young, we have great learning possibilities and millions of ways to help other people and have unforgettable experiences. I just wish the conferences where done more often and in more different places. Also to have more opportunities to show or talents and concerns to make people think about things and make a change.

    I don't know if there is a TED conversation page for young people but if there is not there should be :) I think the exchange of ideas is a great way of seeing things from other points of view we otherwise would never see.

    As a student that studies abroad I would love to tell my story, all the hard decisions, moments and sacrifices and the good ones I have experiment to other young people. And be inspirational to others, hope this helps:)
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    Nov 6 2011: I just created an account and going to my first event next week! Super excited to meet some great people and inspire myself to greater heights.