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How has TEDx impacted you

As a coordinator of a TEDx event, my life has been changed in many ways. My mind has been opened to new ideas and concepts, I've learned to trust members of the coordinating committee, I've learned more about social media, and I've seen the impact of the simple act of sharing a well-thought-out idea.


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    Nov 6 2011: From the point of view of a young student this is a great idea! I attended a TEDx conference and it was when I said I found it! There is a place where I can listen to very interesting ideas, thoughts and questions. It personally helps me develop my english in a different way (debating ideas) which I didn't do normally. I find that most people of my age don't have many curiosity or enthusiasm for learning new things apart from the things they study. They don't want to "brake their brains" thinking of future, education possibilities etc..they are content with vanal Facebook conversations and I find this very sad.
    We are young, we have great learning possibilities and millions of ways to help other people and have unforgettable experiences. I just wish the conferences where done more often and in more different places. Also to have more opportunities to show or talents and concerns to make people think about things and make a change.

    I don't know if there is a TED conversation page for young people but if there is not there should be :) I think the exchange of ideas is a great way of seeing things from other points of view we otherwise would never see.

    As a student that studies abroad I would love to tell my story, all the hard decisions, moments and sacrifices and the good ones I have experiment to other young people. And be inspirational to others, hope this helps:)

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