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Since oxytocin can influence trust, is it possible to use it for manipulation? Can "the moral molecule" be used for immoral purposes?

For example, is there any way in which politicians could influence the trust of their audiences, or companies influence the trust of their clients, or religious institutions influence the trust of their followers with the help of oxytocin?
Can "the moral molecule" be used for immoral purposes?


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  • Nov 10 2011: What about frankincense, which was found out to have mood-enhancing properties when used as burnt incense? Or music that encourages theta-wave synchronization? Both are used in cults (specifically, I mean Eastern Rite Orthodox church) but all kinds of groups, like Meijer said, have techniques. What about Peyote? What about emotional abuse? They really don't need oxytocin to reel you in. This kind of manipulation isn't such a bad thing, either. You don't have to give in if you don't want to, and a lot of people like the structure that groups provide, and they like how group rules grease the skids of society. Like the guy said here: http://www.ted.com/talks/lang/eng/jonathan_haidt_on_the_moral_mind.html
    • Nov 11 2011: You have to be joking. The structure that group provides without clandestinely programming their minds is called a support group. That is the perfectly acceptable way to boost Oxytocin levels.

      These techniques you mention that cults use, including Oxytocin induced Alpha states of existence, "Love bombing" induced Oxytocin, group ritual imitation ( mirror neuron ) induced Oxytocin induced "viral memes" are turning people into malleable entities being used to further the agendas of the psychopath leaders. They end up ruining their lives in this slavery.

      The fact that other mechanisms exist to drag people's brains to the Alpha or Theta suggestible state of mind does not justify an iota this other yet unknown, but obviously being unknowingly abused for hundreds of years chemical, now with people willingly ingesting it to becoming more loving human beings.

      It is the worst kind of crime you can commit on a human.

      You're not taking his permission to program him into someone he is not. It's like spiking someone's drink every day for the rest of their lives.

      And now they want to bring it into the mainstream!! Can you imagine how the propaganda machines and the Church are salivating over this? If this is allowed an uptake the levels of anti-depressants in the US, then you have an entire people with their judgments messed with open to all sorts of fanatic suggestions. This talk is the beginning of the slow release of the idea into the minds of the society.

      A theta subliminal programming stunt is easier to detect and ban than this. This is pure evil.

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