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A Journey across Europe on Horseback from Spain to Sweden. Is it possible?

History shows how Important horses were to humans, thanks to the interaction and team work, mankind was able to build, transport, travel , trade, produce,communicate. Horses began the first sparks of globalization.

My dream project is to ride across Spain,France,Germany,Denmark, Sweden -over 3000km of limitless adventures and possibilities.

The Idea is to divide the journey  into 24 weeks, and sharing a week with someone new on this adventure for a week at a time.

Each week can be shared by a different individual with diferent views and expertise to enrich the journey and  to add some important information which will be at the end. A compilation of subjects ..from Nutrition,travelling speed,social skills, interaction, camping skills,horsemanship,languages,cultural views, writing,photography,filming. all this subjects can make a fantastic display of people traveling by horse reaching diferent points of views of this "journey" What do you think of my dream? Can I make it happen? 
This is a dream and Dreams are gifts we must dare to make them come true.
Jorge E Contreras S

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    Dec 4 2011: Would you be using different horses? It may be the method people used to use to cover great distances but they either changed horses along the way, or their horses died. It sounds like it will be a beautiful adventure at least!
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    Nov 24 2011: There must be riding clubs in most of the areas you'll be going through. I haven't seen that you mention them, but you should certainly find them and contact them. They will know where you can ride.
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      Nov 29 2011: Paul you are so with the use of social media is so easy to interact quick..
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    Dec 4 2011: Tiffany this conversation will expire soon ..I open a new one to have the oportuntiy to hear from you .. I will use Spanish horses they were in great demand over the centuries ..i will take 3 and is planed to cover 50 km per day ..riding in the morning and in the afternoon with breaks so the horses dont suffer along the way.
    Horses in a natural habitad can cover many miles a day
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    Nov 29 2011: just Arrived from Seville Spain (SICAB 2011)
    The Project Hispania Sverige is taking a greater dimention, Im so happy to share talks with diferent people and grow on this togetter..
    How many of you would like to be part of this Jurney!
    let me know why?
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      Dec 4 2011: Jorge seguramente recuerda las grandes caballerias de lo otomanos y los diversos invasores que cruzando cualquier obstaculo llegaron a presentarse a las puertas de Occidente....el mismo Camino de Santiago es una prueba de constancia y peregrinar a España a Suecia es perfectamente posible. Y creame que tambien se de caballos. Aqui en Mexico la charreria es el deporte nacional. Yo mismo monto una yegua alazana maravilosa y bien hecha la faena charra que es un ejemplo de fuerza y belleza. Algunos caballos de Pablo Hermoso de Mendoza estan en los establos de un buen amigo cerca de mi ciudad... son una maravilla.....
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        Dec 4 2011: Jaime le invito a participar con sus opiniones y comentarios en una nueva conversacion ya que esta esta por terminar ...Si Pablo tiene un buen ojo y corazon ..Mexico lindo y querido.. un abrazo ala distancia
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    Nov 12 2011: I found this beautiful document a Roman Map Planner!iter_OVPlace268_Bonnae just going from Valencia to Köln ..just great looking map..
    Can you adviced or know of maps like this from Germany to Sweden? like historic routes ?
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      Nov 6 2011: Adriaan Thanks for your time and advice..yes Google offers a general view..I have spend days and nights looking at posible routes ..what I was hoping to do was to conect with locals that way I can get acurate info about Ins and Outs what woud you say about Using social media ..preview arrival to get routes and tips from local equestrians in each Area? . the Trip is very ambitious and I have the determination to start spring 2012. reaching the northen lands by summer a Midsummer party in Sweden will be the perfect ending of the Journey....
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          Nov 8 2011: I want to create a page inviting people to participate on the journey and posting each day or stage that way it will encourage people to make plans and ride alone maybe for a day or two. Showing the area histories tips etc etc ..
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    Nov 6 2011: I saw a boy Tim on TV that made the trip of Genghis Kahn, very impressive.
    As he came to Europe it became difficult for the horses, fences, roads, all very unfriendly for horse riding.
    And to me Germany is much worse in that respect. You have to find a route where horses are allowed if you haven't done so already.
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      Nov 6 2011: Frans I have contact them a few months a go CuChullaine O'Reilly and the Long Riders Guild are a great surce of inspiration and to built up confidence.
      I use to Live in Austria and Germany ..I know you must ask before you even set foot on a field and I understand why! ..everything is so organized that after all the hard work it takes to prepare the crops ..they dont find respectable Horseprints ..
      I do have to take it easy and find the best ways to make each day a good day and closer to the final destination...but knowing what I know ..this actually in not a challenge it is actually exiting..more oporunities to experience..
      In the andes you go and after reaching a certain altitud all yours ..But wait!! is more dangerous then what one thinks ..marshland is like quick sand..on the open beautiful wide Andean Valleys,weather conditions are unpredictable. each day could bring diferent dificulties to the riders..Now the idea is to find the best way to negociate the problems..
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    Nov 5 2011: Jorge, what a wonderful dream!

    I have been on a horse before I walked so I can relate to it with all my heart :-)
    And felicitaciones for dreaming big, that is how it should be, right?

    I wonder if something like that have been done lately? When I lived in England I noticed that the culture is still very respectful of horses, and you didn't need much planning to get your boots on and go on a cross country trip. Roads are horse-friendly and there are plenty of Inns and bread and breakfasts along the way with facilities/hay for horses as well.

    But in heavily populated and built Europe, I am thinking of highways that are going to get on the way, etc, specially when you reach France and past that. But I suppose you will have a support team with you, and the ability to jump on a trailer when needed, right? What month are you going to start?

    I have friends with Andalusian horses, and just love the strong breed and temperament of those elegant horses!
    I will follow your idea here to hear more about your adventure.

    Please, post links to pictures or video clips if you have them :-)
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      Nov 6 2011: Karina thanks for your interest and sharing your experience...So many questions the more you think the more you wonder...Yes this has been done before by extraordinary people and horses ..there is a group of people riding around our Planet..
      when I was 12 years old ..I was riding my horse and I sow a Man riding in the oposite direction ..our eyes meet ..he was from somewere ...far away ..we both ketp riding and looking back at each other until we lost sight of one another.. I am a strong beliver life prepares people for their future...many events have follow to make me so sure about taking this adventure .
      Im very ambitious to say I will start next sprint 2012...many things have to be arrange ...for me the safety of the Horses and people traveling with me are first so I guess It has to be a plan "e" (emergency)
      I have done the Andes in SudAmerica ..were weather conditions are crude...and roads are dangerous ..wich doesnt garanty anything more but a crazy confident drive on reaching my goals.
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        Nov 6 2011: Thanks for sharing this clip, just beautiful!
        And the story you share is very interesting, there is stuff in just these few words for a book or a movie as well!
        I can almost see Antonio Banderas in the main role, and that opening scene of the two riders passing; a movie about fate and faith, and the bond of a man and his horses...

        By the way, the Andes is where I started riding as well, but that is another movie ;-) It is a small world after all...
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          Nov 6 2011: when I was in Austria i had the oportunity to meet an Austrian man who started in Tierra del Fuego and end his trip on the Yukon,he is a photographer and didnt know much about horses he learned on the way , I sow him later on tv togetter with a man who decide to live with Lyons was very emotional to see him doing his dreams come true.
          the clip was to visualise the dream and give people a closer look of how it could be.
          .Into de wild, Diarios de motocicleta,books like el Sanador de Caballos,El jinete del Silencio have that reality and fiction.
          The Idea is to send out a positive project for many people who are surrender by the negative media and "crissis" with this project I see many people from diferent branches for exaple a writer looking for inspiration, A photographer looking for something unexpect it, A nutricion Co. following an ensay of feed on traveling horses, just people who are looking a good reasson to change their lives ..even if it was for a week or two.
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    Nov 5 2011: Love the dream, Jorge. I'm a horsewoman, and see your dream. I'm from US and Norway, and look forward to hearing about this adventure. As you proceed, let me know how to be of support. I have friends who do this across the US on occasion...
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      Nov 5 2011: Linda thanks by the end of this month I will be at SICAB in Seville the world Fair of Spanish Horses..
      next week I am arranging some meetings with the media and exposing this Project. I have a lot of Faith of the results ..this could be a really good way to express diferent views about our present reality.
      Please share this with your friends been a Horsewoman you know how important this animal is to us for our spirit.
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      Nov 6 2011: btw. Lovely web page Heels for Spurs