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A Journey across Europe on Horseback from Spain to Sweden. Is it possible?

History shows how Important horses were to humans, thanks to the interaction and team work, mankind was able to build, transport, travel , trade, produce,communicate. Horses began the first sparks of globalization.

My dream project is to ride across Spain,France,Germany,Denmark, Sweden -over 3000km of limitless adventures and possibilities.

The Idea is to divide the journey  into 24 weeks, and sharing a week with someone new on this adventure for a week at a time.

Each week can be shared by a different individual with diferent views and expertise to enrich the journey and  to add some important information which will be at the end. A compilation of subjects ..from Nutrition,travelling speed,social skills, interaction, camping skills,horsemanship,languages,cultural views, writing,photography,filming. all this subjects can make a fantastic display of people traveling by horse reaching diferent points of views of this "journey" What do you think of my dream? Can I make it happen? 
This is a dream and Dreams are gifts we must dare to make them come true.
Jorge E Contreras S


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    Dec 4 2011: Would you be using different horses? It may be the method people used to use to cover great distances but they either changed horses along the way, or their horses died. It sounds like it will be a beautiful adventure at least!

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