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When making a decision, should we follow our heart or our mind?

What, in your view, the best way of making a decision?

Is the decision we make after having thought through all the pros and cons carefully, always right? Or is the decision we felt at first, the intuitive or gut instinct - what our subconscious tells us to do - the best path to take?

Should we trust our heart first? If, afterwards, we see it wasn't the best thing to do, should we not blame ourselves because it was what we felt?


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    Nov 4 2011: Well @Craig : Completely agree....
    Its always thinking form the heart for me...
    some times both heart and mind think the same thing...that is when sometimes we feel that we thought from mind...
    but really its always the heart...i try my best to always listen to my heart...its not only got eyes...but mouth as well...sometimes shouts out loud to my mind to do stuff... :) :)

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