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what does it mean when TED deletes a theme ENLIGHTENMENT, every time I post it?

does this theme far fetched even for the TED admins, they say its foggy , so they mind is foggy? or TED#s aim is not really an evolution but just somthing else?


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    Nov 5 2011: Thank you for your very elaborate answere , if they (TED) would answere to me like you did I would not ask this qestion :) So TED did not elaborated on it. It is strange that people who support evolution whos sole life and aiming is evolution , says about the word Enlightenment that is vague! Enlightenment should be the first word and clerified as much as possible FIRST in peoples life who cosnciousley aim for evolution. Enlightenment is perfection, its lving life in accord with all the laws of nature, its life without mistaque, its life without suffering, its life living on the field of all possibilitie. Living opposite values of life like infinite silence and infinite dinamism in the same time at once. It is a state of mind, it is the full realisation of God and full realisation of the aim of science. Its an integrated life where a person lives 200 percent full life , 100 percent absolute 100 percent realtive. Its a state of phisiology where the person uses 100 percent of his brain , on all freqencies , where the right and left hemisphere of the brain works 100 percent and all the time. Its a state of life where the person is fully allert 24 hours a day , He whitnesses he's sleep, dreams , and awaken state. Its a life where the man does not make an effort, he is living absolutely effortlessly, like teh Nature. Nature brings sun , rain , moves big planets , solar sistems without effort. Life in accord fully with all the nature with cosmical laws which governs the whole Universe in a perfect order and manner. Now is it clear ?? :) hahahahhaa its funy, to some people will not be clear in this life, to some maybe. I hope more and more ppl will get the point , better we will be all of us! And many qestions and problems will dissapeer! soory for my wrong english writing :) Best regards and thank you for taking the time to answere me!

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