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What is intelligence?

What is Intelligence according to you? Is it IQ? reading books? solving problems? How do you define it?

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    Nov 5 2011: I would say Intelligence is the efficiency with which one collects and processes information to accomplish any set task.
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    Nov 5 2011: INTE LEGERE= from Latin, means put togheter the separated things. To wave nets of thinking.
    IN TUITERE = From Latin, means the interior tutor, master, who knows everything.
    INTE LECTO = From Latin. means interior reading. To read the results of the net and know what it is and whats not.

    Intelligence never work alone, allways work with the intellect, and intuition.

    Josef read carefully the Bhagavad Gita...all is there.
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    Nov 4 2011: It's creativity.
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    Nov 6 2011: Thx Jaime for the explanation, most of it exact, I#m not a reading person (the knowledge of books stays in books) rather chating person and practical person , doing meditation and realising the knowledge in my own consciousness! Bless ya
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    Nov 5 2011: excellent
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    Nov 5 2011: vagueness