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How do we accelerate the growth of non religious community?

It is a fact that religion is so successful in propagating the religious ideas among people .Still majority of people on earth are religious.Why the scientific community is not coming up with an idea or a system of ideas which can spread like a virus into the minds of religious people and just make them non religious.


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  • Nov 4 2011: Dear Shamy,
    Why would that be a good thing? Religion has been misused/ deliberately misinterptreted. Would Jesus have approved of the crusades? What would Mohammed have said about fatwas and sharia law? Surely it's not religion in itself that is the problem but rather the example that the "leaders" give to their followers.
    • Nov 5 2011: yes It is the religion which is causing the problem .The whole idea of believing something is unquestionably true is the main problem.Once you introduce such kind of system into society , it is very natural that people will misuse it.In other words It is very vulnerable to misuse.if a religious leader of religion-A claims that all people in religion-B are stupids.The people under him should consider this statement as true without thinking .Because its a 'pure belief' system.You have to believe.That the rule.If you use your brain to question the belief system, the belief system will collapse.So I blame the people who propagate such a system not the one who misuse the system.

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