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What will the world look like in 5 years?

What will the world look like in 5 years?

Write about anything you want!

Who will be the next president, wars, changes in the arab world, global economy status, anything!

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    Nov 6 2011: Will there be a world? I am an optimist, too.
  • Nov 6 2011: I have a funny feeling I'll be sitting at my desk here in November 2017, looking out at the same trees, albeit a bit larger, in the courtyard, watching the last of the red and orange leaves fall on to the ground. In other words, it'll be pretty much the same as today.
  • Nov 4 2011: Neutral or beautiful. How we choose to behold it is how it will look. We have a choice about which parts of infinity to focus on. May as well choose neutral or positive.
  • Nov 11 2011: Write about anything you want! OK. here goes:

    What world? This is or was, the Garden! Not that I believe in that story, but if there was a Garden, this was it.
    And it is fcuked. Only humanity could bring humanity to solving the problems we face. Or am I not getting it
    that some of you think somehow things will just somehow get better, somehow?

    Nature does, without feeling, remorse, help, or any form of caring that is not based on the fittest.
    Only the fittest will fit in.

    Stop imagining this so-called "new world" because it always retains or is a carbon copy of what already is now!

    New is new. It doesn't retain any of the old that doesn't work and every single institution humans have at present, don't work. They have all failed miserably. The proof is right before your eyes.

    You don't need presidents, kings, queens, prime ministers, religions, corporations, military's, laws or moral codes created and handed down by insane people.

    You don't need pollution, politics, money, inequality, poverty, crime, slavery and wars so why imagine this "new world" that continues to have those? A new world would eliminate the reasons or causes for pollution, politics, money, inequality, poverty, crime, slavery, and wars.

    Those are the needs of monetary systems. Are they your needs? Do they fit with your optimistic view of this new world? Can you not imagine a world such as this? Then something is terribly wrong with you.

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    Nov 11 2011: A bit greener, a bit kinder, a bit happier, a bit more egalitarian- at least it is what I want to believe and will work towards.
  • Nov 6 2011: Unless Randal Mills is wildly successful and we get cheap energy and a whole new source of jobs, we are heading for stagflation for the next five years. There are too many dollars chasing too few commodities. Paul Ryan will be President. The stock market will be over 17,000.

    China will implement some primitive form of social security and provide a minimum wage. Pakistan's government will be even more strident against the U.S. than they are now. America will still be in Afghanistan because the Taliban are not going to go away and drones can only do so much. Pakistan's military will control the government and be even more brazen about funding the Taliban. Iran, despite massive bombing by Israel, will develop a nuclear weapon.

    Five years from now we will start up the consumer society again as we have wrung debt out of the system, the housing chasm is ended finally and real appreciation of private housing and commercial real estate occurs. Once the housing free fall ends, credit will loosen and additional manufacturing jobs will appear. We should see a real pick up in the economy five years from now.

    Brazil will be a powerhouse and the Muslim Brotherhood will be a force to be reckoned with. We will not be welcome in the newly freed countries. As a chef once told me, "Now matter how bad someone is you can always find someone worse to replace them."
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    Nov 6 2011: This is quite a question Lucas !

    The End of the World may come ! People dying of hunger, economical disaster, natural disaster ! So many catastrophic things may occured, not even in 5 years, earlier than that, who knowse ? God did the world in 6 days, and took the 7 day to rest.....This is 1825 days, God can rebuilded the world more then 304 times over!!

    For me, I wish that in 5 years, that everybody on this planet, can make a plan of 5 years, and finding the way to accomplish their dreams, not evil dreams, great dreams to help, contribute to our planet or help someone else...but do good!!

    This is part of my plan, and I'm getting at it right now !!

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    Nov 6 2011: No major changes when it comes to politics, the economy or education I think. But probably a huge change in technology (the way we use media, the shape of our cell phones, computers, TV, modes of transportation will perhaps be more “green” and effective...). And maybe a change in healthcare (due to technological advancement, I think we might discover how to cure or treat certain chronic diseases).
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    Nov 6 2011: No huge changes in my opinion although there will be a continual upgrade of current technologies.I forsee a major youth ‘tribe’ growing ever bigger a tribe that will continue to use and implement the use of technology, this camp will aspire to ‘authenticity’ or back to basics.
    This back to basic tribe will embrace artisanal, local and crafted consumer goods for example they will drink local or regional beer or wine and will have a stake in the business. Local beer or wine producers will spring up at the bottom of your road, and will be able to personalise your own beer to your own recipes if you wish. Via social network medias, the small scale beer producer will able to call upon their ‘tribe’ to attend events and to volunteer on bottling and other duties. The same will happen with cheese makers, bakers, musicians and other craft type producers. These artisanal producers will form collectives and create small scale localised music festivals featuring local bands. Once an individual attends a concert they will be given a barcode where they can download the music at a discounted rate.

    Virtually everyone will claim that not only are they a real estate agent or work in a bank, they will claim two/three/four careers. For example the real estate agent will also say that he or she is also a baker, DJs, Makes their own beer and sells organic carrots at a farmers market. In other words the real estate agent will try and claim authenticity. The tribe is already here in our major cities across the world, im talking about the so called hipsters a group of individuals who will grow ever bigger and will span virtually every country even in the developing world.
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    Nov 4 2011: Hi Lucas

    I am an optimist and hope the world in 5 years time will be better than it is today.

    I am fearful that the political / economic turmoil might turn into some form of violent conflict either within or between nations, hopefully I will be proven wrong.

    Whats your view?
  • Nov 4 2011: If the new architects keep cutting trees and building ugly building, I think we will start to use VIRGIN GALACTIC to hich hike to space. :-) I used to work for architects, the funniest thing was that none of them has ever read Henry David Thoreau's works,which was sad enough to cry.
    It's all up to us. we can NOW start to create that world which will be in 5 years or whatsoevery years.
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    Nov 4 2011: we will see or we will not see .... and even all those who will live in 5 years will see it differently becouse seeing is different in different states of consciousness. Its like wearing glasses with different coloured glass in them.
  • Nov 4 2011: how world look like - IT DEPENDS ON HOW I VIEW THE WORLD =)
    lets hope for better =)
    ppl want not to take the shit anymore,
    1. more ppl get awakening-understanding their role in this world n need to change them n their environment for the better, to live free with the nature (lets hope best with the hope it ll manifest =) )
    2.i guess no world wars, but rebels between government / any misleading authority figure and the people
  • Nov 4 2011: in first world will talk about how to manage humanity social and technology more than now
    and second world and thrid world will be worse