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Sustainable, environmental engineering with an innovative "We Can Do Better" approach.

I am very passionate about sustainable and environmental engineering problem solving and design. I am interested in pursuing a graduate degree in environmental engineering, but am having trouble narrowing my focus. I would like to study innovative industry problem solving by looking at industrial processes with a "We Can do Better" approach. This refers to but is not limited to sustainability, efficiency, environmental impacts ... I will have completed an undergraduate degree in Forest Engineering at the University of New Brunswick, Canada, this year, my goal is to have a "Focused" topic selected by around January 1st 2012. I would really like to study something that can yield workable results. Again this is my passion and I plan to make a career of solving such problems.

Thank you everyone for reading this and giving your feed back.


  • Nov 6 2011: Wish there more like you. Good luck.
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    • Nov 4 2011: I'm not sure I full understand your point, and am not interested in complainants with out proposed solutions. Most people understand that everyone (here you can read "World") is not perfect, but it does not mean that it (perfection) can not be striven for. Please save your pessimistic comments for other pessimist. If you have a specific issue that you feel needs studying I would be greatfull if you would share it.