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How important is to not be affected by others people opinions in order to enjoy and live the life we want to live?

If your job has anything to do with performing doesn't matter if is in a stage or in front of your colleagues in the office, we have to ignore people's negative comments and of the failures we may encounter in our way in order to improve and reach success; and therefore happiness in our working lives.

  • Nov 3 2011: But don't you have to balance that with the feedback of other people in order to improve at your craft? I'm a writer, and I know any number of fledgling authors who don't take criticism well and insist that the things that make their work sound amateurish isn't a lack of skill, but is my own inability to "get" them. I think that it's important to realize that any type of performance (at least any type that you would like to be paid for) is a product, and no one who makes a product can afford to ignore the feedback of those who consume the product.
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    Nov 4 2011: Extreeeeeeeeeeemely important!!

    As a human being, YOU have the right to BE whom you know you have to be and YOU should not let NOTHING, nobody telling you different. If they don't want you to be YOU around them, live them, find people that will aloud you to grow, becoming a better you at any cost.

    So many people let others dictate THEIR lives, it is so pittyful, because most ot the time, this other person that you are giving power over YOUR life, does'nt want to deal with his or herself (their problem, their changing, their responsabilities erc.), SO why would you LET that person taking care of yours.

    Don't live by what people said about you, live by what you thing is the best in you,or what God said you are, at all cost : beautiful, talented, courageous, lovely, blessed etc.! Your playing small doesn't serve the world (Quote from Nelson Mandela). Even if YOU have negative thougts about YOURSELF, don't dwell on them, push them away, and replace them by something that you know is great about yourself; do the work, challenge yourself to be : excellent, exquisite, loving, caring, giving yourself, LOVE YOURSELF, so if anybody is telling you the contrary, you know, that have nothing to do with you, but with them.

    Be positive at all cost, even if some situations seems bad at the beginning, stay's part of the journey, learn from it, and keep on moving on, with a COLGATE SMILE!!

    Pitch your tent in the land of HOPE and live an happy life and contribute to this lovely planet of ours.

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    Nov 9 2011: Its the most important thing. If you are able to turn the negative comments into motivation, then you are one step away from success. If you are able to receive the positive comments and not be satisfied with where you are, then you can go even further. Nonetheless, we are humans, not robots. We are vulnerable, and all that we can really do is, try our best. So, do your best! ;)
  • Nov 7 2011: As a wildlife artist, who is lucky enough to still be selling work in this economy and gaining new clients every month, I assure you their feedback is important. But like many artists, I have very thin skin which can cause many problems when just one person says something hurtful. I know my art work is good but I don't let my ego get wrapped up in it. Getting criticism can be a good thing & help someone grow but it can also be destructive. All depends on how it is delivered & yes, by whom. I am always trying to improve my art work & my client base reflects that. Over the years I have come to be more in tune with animals rather than humans for the very reason this question was posted. Animals don't have egos and are up front with their feelings.
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    Nov 3 2011: Yes you definitely right in your point. People´s constructive opinions can for sure helps us to see things from a different perspective and therefore learn. What I was refering to in my question is the lack of confidence we may suffer due to people's harmful and immoral comments or actions that makes us feel small and which silents our inner voice to express what we feel either writing or playing an instrument like I do.