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How important is to not be affected by others people opinions in order to enjoy and live the life we want to live?

If your job has anything to do with performing doesn't matter if is in a stage or in front of your colleagues in the office, we have to ignore people's negative comments and of the failures we may encounter in our way in order to improve and reach success; and therefore happiness in our working lives.


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  • Nov 3 2011: But don't you have to balance that with the feedback of other people in order to improve at your craft? I'm a writer, and I know any number of fledgling authors who don't take criticism well and insist that the things that make their work sound amateurish isn't a lack of skill, but is my own inability to "get" them. I think that it's important to realize that any type of performance (at least any type that you would like to be paid for) is a product, and no one who makes a product can afford to ignore the feedback of those who consume the product.

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