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What's with the fear of darkness anyways?

Imagine when the lights go out.... Is fear your first response?

What scares us about walking into a dark room?
Why is entering a dark area unnerving?

Is it because we don't know what is in the dark area that could potentially harm us or is it simply the lack of light that is not sufficient for our eyes to see that scares us?

We know the dark is frightful to most people because we see many horror movies taking place in the dark, scary theme parks are set in the dark and typically Halloween pranks are more frightening without light.

Is it psychological, physical, or even emotional?

Why so scared of the dark?

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    Nov 4 2011: It just illustrates what 'Visual creatures' we are and how much we rely on visual input. Even though many of our other senses are far more sensitive.
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      Nov 4 2011: I agree... though I don't think we can compare sensitivity between perceptual organs, as we have no "universal perceptual unit" with which to mesure.

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