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The Corporation as an Artificial Intelligence

I want to know whether the corporation exists as the first human created artificial intelligence. Corporations now exist with identities and psychologies, they create technology, entertainment, and design just as we each do individually. The only thing that we don't have in common with corporations is biological existence, doesn't that in itself make it artificial intelligence by default? They live as we do and do not die as we do. Why do we compete with them as equals?

I would like to know how this idea squares into political science, business science, and morality. Clearly the corporation is a benefit to society, but surely the definition of corporation can change independent of that fact.

How can we change the nature of a corporation's existence in such a way that: (1) it keeps the marketplace competitive and innovative, and (2) it does not limit corporations so much that our survival and growth are not stifled?


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  • Nov 3 2011: There's a big difference between "corporation" as legal entity and "corporation" as an evolved life form. Frankly, I believe that much of the economic crisis we're currently experiencing stems from the expanding legal rights given to corporations that shield the humans running them from blame when the corporation does things that are legally or morally wrong. Frankly, I think that the American marketplace would be more competitive if the legal entity "corporation" were abolished.

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