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The Corporation as an Artificial Intelligence

I want to know whether the corporation exists as the first human created artificial intelligence. Corporations now exist with identities and psychologies, they create technology, entertainment, and design just as we each do individually. The only thing that we don't have in common with corporations is biological existence, doesn't that in itself make it artificial intelligence by default? They live as we do and do not die as we do. Why do we compete with them as equals?

I would like to know how this idea squares into political science, business science, and morality. Clearly the corporation is a benefit to society, but surely the definition of corporation can change independent of that fact.

How can we change the nature of a corporation's existence in such a way that: (1) it keeps the marketplace competitive and innovative, and (2) it does not limit corporations so much that our survival and growth are not stifled?

  • Nov 5 2011: I believe brainwashing techniques produced the first forms of human 'artificial intelligence" and I believe it is the main method for inserting it into society. There are now many "mental robots" walking around, working, functioning and looking normal but they are being made more artificially intelligent every day. To me artificial intelligence is where people believe what they are told to believe, they then think what they are told to think and then they speak what they are told to speak. They do what they are told to do. Conversely, they don't believe what they are told not to believe, they don't think what they are told not to think, they don't speak what they are told not to speak and thus, they don't do what they are told not to do.
    They make great employees for law enforcement, military, government, three letter agencies, institutions with influence such as banks and brokerage firms, those occupations that offer perks and power, jobs of prestige with power over others, corporations and any occupations that demand "team players", those willing to place work, ambition, money above all else. "Clearly the corp is a benefit? to society". Just how? Most, debase the environment for profit, help increase poverty that leads to greed and crime and more inequality in the world. To change their "nature", you have to replace their leaders with people who really care for others, the environment and real sustainability over profits, automation for profit, degrading the environment for profit, or anything else for profit.
    Currently, if the world economy begins to grow, as most want it to, the speed of depleting the world of resources, the increasing degradation of the environment, the increasing of poverty, inequality and slavery, will all grow exponentially.
    The only resource left for food, making things and "doing the work" will be slaves, people, currently the largest resource on the planet. We contribute to death, war, and all other ills with our lives and with no profit
  • Nov 3 2011: There's a big difference between "corporation" as legal entity and "corporation" as an evolved life form. Frankly, I believe that much of the economic crisis we're currently experiencing stems from the expanding legal rights given to corporations that shield the humans running them from blame when the corporation does things that are legally or morally wrong. Frankly, I think that the American marketplace would be more competitive if the legal entity "corporation" were abolished.
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    Nov 4 2011: Have you been reading Charles Stross's Accelerando?
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      Nov 4 2011: No, I haven't. I honestly came to the idea after watching the Matrix Trilogy for the 200th time. :)
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    Nov 4 2011: Systems of administration are the "spiritual" side of what will be artificial intelligence.

    The rules and regulations we put in place as humans, will be the ethical guidelines truly intelligent machines will subscribe to.