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Why cannot schools and colleges run 3 shifts(From say 6 to 1 , 2 to 9 and 10 to 5 )each day

.We can triple the number of students enrolled in a school with the same infrastructure. Cost per student will also come down. Issues like travel can be easily handled by allocating night classes to people staying in a nearby hostel . Incentives (like lower fees) could be provided for those who choose the night shift.Online interactive classes can be held to handle shortage of trained teachers/professors.This can definitely be done in places where there is adequate security .Cleaning of the place could be done during the break hours.

  • Nov 15 2011: Hi Doug Bell,

    Thanks for the reply. Sorry ,I could not reply earlier. In my country India,infrastructure is a serious problem and a lot of students do not get quality education.Centres of excellence are there but they are very limited.Hence I felt that schools could be run in shifts so that a lot more students could benefit from these excellent schools.
  • Nov 4 2011: Hi Sriganesh,

    Where I live, the buildings are not the critical resource when it comes to education. It's easier for us to build more schools and staff them for normal daytime hours, than it would be to find staff and students willing to work or study on the off shifts.

    Best Wishes,
    Doug Bell