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In 40 years, will we live in a world were every person will consume only 1 ton CO2 per year?

In already about 40 years from now on the world will look different. It will look different but good, or it will look different but ugly and dangerous. There is no alternativ path to these two. It is sure, that we are a genration that will experience a change comparable to the neolithic and the industrial revolution in terms of sheer dimension. If we don't manage to keep global warming at maybe 2 degrees (compared to pre industrial levels) our environment will change and our environment will change our societies and lifes dramatically. There is no question about that. If we don't like that idea of living in such a world, we have to change basically everything our lives are based on, everything that seemed to be just given for the last 200 years. We are living in an exciting time and an important one, too.

  • Feb 28 2011: There is not one shred of evidence that a change in climate will have an overall negative effect.

    In 40 years time, we will be a little closer to running out of oil but we will still have enough natural gas for another 100 years of power generation; we will have developed better batteries and so more of us will be driving electric vehicles on short trips; agriculture will have moved slightly, either north or south depending on whether it is locally warmer or cooler, but will still be growing more nutrition in less space; socialists will still be arguing with capitalists; and life will be pretty much the same as it is now except that, as in the last hundred years, TECHNOLOGY -- not climate -- will have made significant changes to our lifestyles.

    Also, government-funded scientists will still be bleating about global warming. Or maybe cooling. Or perhaps a concern that the climate is unnaturally stable. Whatever.