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Are there technologies mankind should avoid developing?

As our capacity for good increases, so does our ability to do evil. Many innovations exist today that have changed the world, both, positively and negatively. Is there evidence of technological suppression in history? and are these advances unavoidable?

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    Nov 3 2011: Yes there are but where do you find mankind?
    Mankind has no voice or power, governments, organizations and groups do.
    If some technology is prohibited at one place it will develop and be used in another place.
    Genetic engineered seeds that the company Monsanto is spreading over the globe are banned in Europe but not in the US. If money is involved everything is possible.
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    Nov 3 2011: Humans need to change. Technology does not have a concept of good and evil and will be at the discretion of the user. just remember that with the invention of the knife a lot of people did die, but steak was a damnsight easier to eat.
  • Nov 2 2011: I doubt that you'll get all 7 billion of us to decide that something is off limits. Especially since it might be a huge advantage to whomever develops it first.

    Of course the example being nuclear weapons. Scientists in many contries became aware of the potential for a fissiion bomb about the same time. Once that happened it was imperative for everyone to build one as soon as possible. You can't hide the physics. You can't even know that you'll stumble upon this potential until you already have. Once you do, you also know that it's just matter of time until someone else does too.