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What's one thing you wish you had learned in school?

Maybe it's not your traditional math, science, social studies, or arts and humanities class--maybe it's something different. If you could learn one lesson in school, what would it be?


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  • Nov 13 2011: I would have liked to learn to sing without being shy. . .so. .I do believe that schools can kill creativity. . .learning should be exciting not a series of hoops to jump through
    • Nov 14 2011: Do you sing? Yes, schools kill your creativity. Sooo, do you sing? :) :)
      • Nov 14 2011: Only when I'm by myself . . .I have a very loud voice
        • Nov 15 2011: Hi Alleen, last time I heard, loud voices make good singers! I tried out for choir in Junior High. I was told, by a TEACHER, that I sounded like a child. (umm, I was) Soo, then I tried politics. Ran for class Secretary. A TEACHER told me, my hand writing was "sloppy" So schools and their employee's kill creativity! My gosh, hadn't thought of that, in years! I could have been a singing, politician!! I am not a big fan of school teachers. My apologies! I did not mean to rant. My question to you, do you love singing? Then sing!! :)
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      Nov 17 2011: Aileen, one of my twins almost died at birth and they told me he would probably be deaf. By a lovely sort of turn of events that I think of as a miracle, he is not. But I can never forget about how lucky I was then because he is practically tone deaf and he sings waaaaaaaay off key. He came to me once at about the age of 5 and asked if it were true that he could not sing as his siblings had told him. I asked him if he liked to sing. He said it was fun. Then I told him that no one had the right to make him stop feeling that joy. To this day he sings more than my others (and his twin actually has the voice of an angel) but no one makes me smile when I hear them more than he does. It is a good thing that guitars or flutes do not get to tell drums that they are not making music! Sing on! Sing on!
      • Dec 1 2011: That is beautiful. You are a wonderful mother!
        I am a 15+yr professional musician and I tell ya, people all throughout my life have tried to make me feel incredibly guilty about what I do (as if being too broke to pay bills isn't guilt-ridden enough). You are correct, no one has the right to do that. They should be teaching how to defend against this in school, but unfortunately most teachers are the perpetrators.
    • Dec 2 2011: just sing don't think of any thing, just sing by your heart of love don't care the eyes only do not disturb them.

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