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What's one thing you wish you had learned in school?

Maybe it's not your traditional math, science, social studies, or arts and humanities class--maybe it's something different. If you could learn one lesson in school, what would it be?


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    I would have wanted to attend a school more like this instead of spending so much of twelve years of my childhood and youth locked up in fear or boredom:

    I imagine a school that is attatched to a garden with high walls that creates an outdoor schoolroom.Trees, plants and small huts create interest and solace. Also a glass ‘conservatory’ where some lectures are held. Various animals like cats and dogs roam free. Good swings and the likes.

    Indoors the rooms have large fireplaces placed so that everyone can see and help keep the fires burning on cold days. Anybody can fetch firewood from a shed in the garden.
    Simple, great food and drink is prepared in a kitchen inside the school. The pupils fetch what they want from the kitchen in a basket and choose for themselves where they eat their ‘picnic’.
    Lecture, carpentry, mechanics, textile, art and gymnastics rooms have silent glass sliding doors.

    Pupils are encouraged to attend the different lectures in the different rooms when and for as long as they are interested. They are free to arrive and leave whenever they gain or loose interest in different activities. And free to roam the garden or study by themselves or sleep in their own tiny personal ‘shelter’ with shelves, a desk and a cot.

    In one room there is always an ‘adviser’ that can help pupils with any questions or problems they have. The adviser, for example, arranges personal appointments with the different lecturers so that the pupils might get further explanations to help their various lines of interest.

    I think this kind of school would allow more for each different inividual to follow their own pace, heart and mind.

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