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What's one thing you wish you had learned in school?

Maybe it's not your traditional math, science, social studies, or arts and humanities class--maybe it's something different. If you could learn one lesson in school, what would it be?


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  • Nov 2 2011: A broader, more comprehensive world history. I didn't know what the Ottoman Empire was until after I'd graduated from college. I had no idea that Iran was once known as Persia. My 10th grade world history textbook spent exactly two pages on the history of India, but two chapters on the history of the UK.
    • Nov 2 2011: My husband and I shared a horror about the fact that we knew virtually nothing about any Asian country, despite being college graduates. We proceeded to read up on the fascinating history of the other side of the world and became a little angry at having been cheated out of some fascinating stuff when we were younger.
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      Nov 3 2011: Now aday, the textbook, at least in U.S., is becoming more diverse with its content. It spends a better portion of its content on eastern hemisphere although it still lacks a great portion of Asian, African, Latin and American history. I was told that the middle age was a dark age, and I assumed that it meant internationally, howeverm I found out that when the west was in the dark, the Islamic countries flourished in trade, science, math, and arts.It is a shame that we are not taught what they have discovered and how it influenced the rest of the world. I also believe that we lack in-depth learning when it comes to history. I think all high schools should really consider reinforcing students to take at least one elective on history each year.

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