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What's one thing you wish you had learned in school?

Maybe it's not your traditional math, science, social studies, or arts and humanities class--maybe it's something different. If you could learn one lesson in school, what would it be?


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    Nov 2 2011: I wish I learned the way or was given an opportunity to realize early on how different discplines are intertwined and interconnected by the way of life, which would have encouraged me to seek my own definition of truth in an early adolescence. For instance, I wish I knew how or became interested to analyze the human behavior in different ancient civilizations from a perspective of physics or a math equation early on. This would have made me extremely interested in trying to understand universe in the perpective of an extremely religious person and an athiest, and how it is all interconnected in how we live our daily lives. I came upon this interest after I graduated college, and what a disappointment I felt for myself. I wish I knew a little sooner.
    • Nov 2 2011: Its never to late !
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        Nov 2 2011: I agree. That is why I am teaching my children the lesson I wish I had. As much as my students are learning, I am also learning with them. I feel as though I am given a second chance.
        • Nov 3 2011: I'm glad you are a teacher :)
        • Nov 3 2011: At times the teachers are helpless because of the system. I am glad you are a teacher and hope that you will teach them beyond the system.

          I feel teaching children the art of learning is the most important.

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