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Intuition. What is it?

We are aware of only a small part of getting information, but our brain remembers everything. Is intuition just a work of our subconscious, experience of our subconscious? Or is it some kind of miracle?

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    Nov 3 2011: Intuition, first some roots about the word itself:

    IN TUITERE= The interior tutor. The one who knows everything and allways speak in a very low voice, sometimes in the middle of a dark night, sometimes behind the mirror in the morning....we dont hear his advice because we are full of interior noise from the ego scandals.

    IN-TUITERE= The realm for the trascendental knowledge and wisdom.

    Instint is different ...IN- TINTE= Marked in our interior. Printed, drawed, tinted....unavoidable trends.
  • Nov 6 2011: Intuition is different for different people. The great mathematician Benoit Mandlebrot claimed that he created his intuition, "In the usual way with the hand, the pencil and the ruler." Clearly this in not a "woman's" intuition!

    What intuition is "hard wired" i.e. inate as opposed to experience is unclear to me.
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    Nov 3 2011: its your brain essentially working as a context button (like in a video game). its a button you hit in your mind based on your surroundings, experience and associations you may have with those experiences or surroundings. say you head a creeking in a strange or hostile environment, you head goes "somethings gonna try get me"... but in your home its just the cat. Intuition seems to process all environmental data, places it in an emotional context then delivers the contextual response... I think.
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      Nov 3 2011: What you describe, I think is sensitivity.
      We are aware of but a fraction of all data our body is processing.
      If it is of value our body can attract our awareness on it and the more if we develop some sensitivity.
      Somebody that ignores those signals looses the ability to sense them.
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        Nov 3 2011: I think within this context sensitivity is the reaction to individual elements or the gauge of which we acknowledge a particular or individual element of out surroundings, Intuition is the translation of many parts of raw data that we detect subconsciously and apply to our own personal experience.

        I don't think you lose the ability to sense things... I think it just becomes further away from the front of your mind. you always pick up on them in the back of your mind, but if you wee to notice everything and not filter most of it out, then I'm pretty sure a walk in a major city would be unbearable or perhaps awe inspiring everyday.
  • Nov 2 2011: I would say it is instinctive based thought.
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    Nov 2 2011: We're only conscious of a tiny part of all information that's absorbed and generated by our body.
    Awareness can be seen as the light from a torch in the black of night. If we put out that light of that torch which represents our focus, our inner eye adjust to the dark and starts to see much more but less sharp.

    The interface to communicate with our total being are feelings which we need to sense better to see in the dark.
    Intuition takes over as the ego dulls.
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    • Nov 3 2011: I agree with order of the words you suggested. And the link to the article is interesting. Thank you.
  • Nov 2 2011: i feel intuition is jus a spark which comes from ur mind/ inner self.. (perhaps its based on the experience we had, not really based on logic/reason). but gives u the strong feeling like this is the way / answer, here u go.. =)