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Creating a TED Department in Universities

Ted is a fabulous vehicle for spreading ideas, presenting issues and solves the problems of the future. Students, who are filled with new ideas can be champions of the program and help the spreading of ideas. Many of them presently don't have any knowledge about Ted and do not have a platform for expressing their ideas.

  • Nov 10 2011: thank you for the suggestion but we can try for a little bit
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    Nov 5 2011: Interesting thought to create a TED department within higher education, but consider this, TED is education at any time, any place, and without the need to register or formally complete curriculum requirements. It's true adult education at its finest. I'm not sure TED would fit with the confines of higher education institutions.
  • Nov 3 2011: I agree, what I have done is organized a Think Tank at my university that meets every week. When we meet one student presents an issue and we all brainstorm for a solution or mediation to the problem and then if there is enough interest we go meet the next week on the same problem. But, have all spent some during the week time researching the problem. It has been an up hill battle getting it organized and promoted but seems to be evolving nicely.