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How will the revolutions change the middle east?

There have been several revolutions in the middle east in 2011. What do you think the outcome will be in the long term?

  • Nov 2 2011: Hi Tarek,
    First of all I'd like to commemorate the brave people standing up for their rights and their freedom in the middle-eastern countries. I write from a nation that has been free from the day I was born so I don't know what it's like not to be free, and I don't wish to seem like I do. But here goes:
    Most revolutions instigated by "the people" (thats ordinary folk like you and me) are in essens a good thing because they come from a righteous place. Why would anyone want to endure suffering for something they didn't really want to change? They wouldn't!
    With the regimes in Eqypt and Libya overthrown a significant opportunity arises for fundamental change. However change can happen in two distinctly different ways. I see the situation in Libya (and somewhat also in Egypt) as still being precarious. The overthrowing of one tyrant may lead to the swarming of yet more power-hungry and greedy candidates. It's up to the people of Egypt and Libya to ensure that democracy and freedom will prevail for change to be certain. The removal of a cancerous tumor does not mean the end of hardship. It is a long and painful struggle and will more easily be won over if the people of said countries remain steadfast and stand together.
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      Dec 1 2011: Exactly. But I believe that Libyans were wrong.

      Gaddafi ( RIP) was a great leader, who said the truth with no fear, directly to people from stronger countries. Another thing is that he raised the Libyan economy. The Libyan economy was the 4th most stable economy in the world. Libya has no debts. No electricity fees, and many many more things. I won't tell you how much a litre of petrol costs, research it!! Bear in mind the 150 billions frozen all around the world (which will disappear soon) all of this when his country was under an intense economic boycott.

      In addition, do you think that those who will rule Libya will spread safety in the country? Weren't they the ones who left a dead human body in a shop's fridge, and made it like a museum. They played with the corpse ( which is forbidden in Islam, and other religions) and filmed it. Even without religion, where is the humanity?

      Brave people!

      If gaddafi (RIP) used the forces and equipment he had, a longer death toll would have resulted. He had no other way to avoid the war. Yes, 30,000, but he couldn't escape to other countries like BIN ALI did.

      You lose your friends if you tell their secrets or negative things about them in public :-(
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    Nov 4 2011: Many people are worried about an apparent rise of strict Islamic rule after the Arab Spring of 2011, but whatever we see in the short term, I believe that in the long term, we will see the birth of vibrant democracies. We should not be too fast to judge their new democracies, in Europe we have had a lot of failed attempts before getting it right. The first time my country became a democracy, shrugging off royalty, it became an empire shortly thereafter. The point is, now the revolution has happened, people know power rest truly in their hands.
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      Dec 1 2011: A simple example that proves that this won't happen is:

      In a family, give each member the right to choose the food that the mother will cook for lunch, If they unite together for the same decision, they will be able to be democratic and raise their countries, if they couldn't then forget it, they'll be sinking :P

      ( if no one had a stronger power to decide, they won't eat)

      This is in a family scale, think about the whole country.
  • Nov 2 2011: The people will respect themselves more. They will experience the benefits of coming up with the courage they showed in refusing to submit to people who manipulated them to benefit themselves rather than for the well-being of the people they manipulated. Freedom takes courage. Freedom works. Truth works. If the people who rose up continue to express truth to themselves and others, they will win. Truth and freedom foster creativity and prosperity. They will appreciate the fact that they, like all people in the world, share the same desires and needs. Thus, respect for others, truth, love and all good things will finally prevail throughout the world and all humanity will rise in universal peace and happiness.
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      Dec 1 2011: Exactly, and they will have the courage to text each other, and gather 1 million or more every Friday, preventing development and enhancing thieves to do their work
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    Dec 1 2011: Greatest Winners= Britain and France
    Biggest losers = Libyans