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Should we allow animals to have rights?

Should animals have rights?
If so, what kind of rights should they have and why?
(Please be specific)

If not, why not?


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    Nov 2 2011: I think how animals are is largely(or entirely)depends on how we treat them.So it seems to me its not so much about whether or not animals should have rights but more about how I can protect or treat them kindly.The last mean act i saw that has been done to a poor puppy is that the owner rudely pulled back the leash in an sudden when the doggie tried to explore something new(me)curiously with cute little eyes.and that made me think O i will never do that to my puppy and not put leashes around their necks at all.
    • Nov 3 2011: Perhaps the owner was beginning to train his dog for a purpose that meant the dog had to be completely obedient to his commands. Perhaps one of his commands is not to sniff other humans or try to go off on his own.
      Is that a bad thing? The owner must correct the dog, should he?
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        Nov 3 2011: Hehe ,that could be a case.Its not a bad thing at all to train your dog.but how you train them matterrs.I think the owner can choose a more respectful behavior to train the dog well instead of pulling back the leash rudely.

        O I get a little nervous when the word "obedience" is used (even with a dog) ;)
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        Nov 4 2011: Timothy, nothing wrong with this word but how the word can be misused .One's ego can thrive on the intention to make others(or animals) obedient. For example, in this case,the owner could be abusive to the puppy and says :"I just want him/her to be obedient to me or I just want him to be a good dog." However , there's a difference between abusive behavior and kind one.

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