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What will become of us?

As clever, adolescent monkeys climbing the tree of universal knowledge, passing the baton, accelerating at an ever increasing rate, fighting for dominance, power and control over our world, over each other, in the bigger picture that spans time beyond scales we can hardly imagine, or even care to consider, what will happen as we strive to reach the top?

Will we even survive the climb?

I believe it's within us, but how will we choose?

What can be done to better aim our focus?

Will this be enough?


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    Jozef K

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    Nov 4 2011: The goal of life was , is and will be only one thing ENLIGHTENMENT, means life in accord with all the laws of nature, use of full 100 % brain potential, no mistaqes, eternal bliss in infinite silence and dinamism
    • Nov 5 2011: You are getting there.

      But will man reach a point of enlightenment before destroying itself?

      How do you see this happening?
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        Nov 6 2011: Evolution is step by step proces, and yes I see the thing coming cos I #m practising meditation and action and see these step by step evolution on my self. Yes ppl will reach the goal before destroying themselfs , even do some will destroy themselfs first and maybe next lifes reaching enlightenment. ! The future is bright , and SEEErs sad the Age of Enlightenment is coming and will last long several thousands of years . Best regards Gary

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