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What will become of us?

As clever, adolescent monkeys climbing the tree of universal knowledge, passing the baton, accelerating at an ever increasing rate, fighting for dominance, power and control over our world, over each other, in the bigger picture that spans time beyond scales we can hardly imagine, or even care to consider, what will happen as we strive to reach the top?

Will we even survive the climb?

I believe it's within us, but how will we choose?

What can be done to better aim our focus?

Will this be enough?

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    Nov 1 2011: Some of your assumptions are contradictory.

    "climbing the tree of universal knowledge," that's one part of humanity, "fighting for dominance, power and control over our world, over each other", that's another part of humanity.

    If knowledge increases, the preference for dominance and violent solutions decreases
    • Nov 2 2011: I agree. I also think that with increased knowledge we tend to have more empathy with others and then volunteer or donate which then leads to a better world around us. It seems to me that donations are at all time high from governments, wealthy individuals as well as ordinary citizens.
      • Nov 5 2011: Although it is hard to not include politics/government in this discussion, it was not my intention to focus so much on it.

        To step back from politics a bit...

        Will we see a time where man creates and improves rather than consumes and destroys?

        I am a person of average intelligence yet I can see the imbalance and unsustainability of our actions.

        Because of this, I know it is within us to see, understand and excel, but will our greed and appetites consume and destroy us before we overcome this juvenile state?
        • Nov 6 2011: I think we have a spectrum of behaviours. I see growing number of people realizing that our actions are unsustainable? We have more people dedicated to preserving environment through recycling, eating and other habits.

          Others work on new technologies that are more efficient and environmentally friendly. Community of people are looking at ways to produce food more naturally and live simpler lives.

          We do still have many people that don't care much about anything but themselves. We have to educate them and our kids about consumerism and alternatives.

          Did you have anything specific in mind? cheers
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    Jozef K

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    Nov 4 2011: The goal of life was , is and will be only one thing ENLIGHTENMENT, means life in accord with all the laws of nature, use of full 100 % brain potential, no mistaqes, eternal bliss in infinite silence and dinamism
    • Nov 5 2011: You are getting there.

      But will man reach a point of enlightenment before destroying itself?

      How do you see this happening?
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        Nov 6 2011: Evolution is step by step proces, and yes I see the thing coming cos I #m practising meditation and action and see these step by step evolution on my self. Yes ppl will reach the goal before destroying themselfs , even do some will destroy themselfs first and maybe next lifes reaching enlightenment. ! The future is bright , and SEEErs sad the Age of Enlightenment is coming and will last long several thousands of years . Best regards Gary
  • Nov 1 2011: I am not trying to be funny here, but I think Mother Nature is going to solve all those problems for us.
    Greed has always been a driving force with humans along with an uncaring attitude for our planet, & in general, other living things. Getting us all to agree to work for a common good, is NOT something we show very little interest in.
    • Nov 5 2011: Yes, Gale understands the side of man I see.

      However I'd like to better understand your premise about mother nature solving problems?
      • Nov 6 2011: Imagine a rubber band, now start stretching it till it reaches a point where it can't be stretched any further. It will either break or snap back violently. Mother Nature does the same thing only the time frame is usually much slower. Due to natural events & what humans have added to the mix, nature is now snapping back. What the out come will be is yet to be seen, but from what has been happening in the last few years, it doesn't bode well for living things.
  • Nov 5 2011: I also would like to thank everyone for the responses.

    This is the thought provoking discussion I was looking for.
  • Nov 5 2011: I'd like to hear more from people on the topic how we might overcome our technological adolescence and make it to the next level of civilization.

    Assuming we are approaching level/type I.
  • Nov 5 2011: The top of this symbolic tree is Type III civilization.
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    Nov 4 2011: I think being the most powerful nation in the not the top for me. Power can drive one crazy, selfish and greedy. I mean (as a malaysian) there is so much corruption in the government its crazy! Not sure about most governemnts but im sure corruption does exist because everyone wants to be at the top, with money and power....If you think about it, there is not even a top when you put it in that terms because humans will keep wanting, desiring, craving...Enough is not enough to today's world and it gets worse as this generation are more impatient due to advantage of technology and how you can obtain information so quickly.

    even though with the benefits of what it has for the coutnry of having all the power and being at the top, we become too independant, forget many things and not care about other countries...we forget each country has their strength and weaknesses and respect...we get arrogant and look down on countries who we dont think are strong (this is happening btw, with low economical countries)

    Personally, I think the top is when you find that balance of peace between coutnries and with your country upkeeping well. True, I do not know where or how but that's the challenge of the top...its a hidden msytery and different for each country.
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    Nov 3 2011: What is the top? For you...(just out of curiousity) because people could say the same thing "of striving to the top" with different meanings behind them...
    • Nov 3 2011: Being the most powerful nation in the world.
      • Nov 5 2011: No. I'm thinking on a much, much greater time scale.
    • Nov 5 2011: See my reply above about type III civilization.
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    Nov 2 2011: Why do you assume there is a top to that tree?
    What arguments in favor of that idea do you have?
    • Nov 5 2011: Type III civilization is the top.
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    Nov 1 2011: If Humans are the evolved form or apes, or monkeys - what will we evolve into? When did the apes evolve into humans? what was the trigger?
    • Nov 5 2011: I think man lacks patience.

      Because of this, I believe man will engineer itself into other forms of existence.

      This will happen on a relatively small time scale and will be very turbulent, potentially catastrophic.
  • Nov 1 2011: America's view of climbing to the top has always been "get rid of anyone in your way by means of killing them if necessary !" It seams to be working.
    • Nov 5 2011: I don't believe America is entirely like this but I do get your point, and this is the side of man that has me posing the topic question.