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What will become of us?

As clever, adolescent monkeys climbing the tree of universal knowledge, passing the baton, accelerating at an ever increasing rate, fighting for dominance, power and control over our world, over each other, in the bigger picture that spans time beyond scales we can hardly imagine, or even care to consider, what will happen as we strive to reach the top?

Will we even survive the climb?

I believe it's within us, but how will we choose?

What can be done to better aim our focus?

Will this be enough?


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  • Nov 1 2011: I am not trying to be funny here, but I think Mother Nature is going to solve all those problems for us.
    Greed has always been a driving force with humans along with an uncaring attitude for our planet, & in general, other living things. Getting us all to agree to work for a common good, is NOT something we show very little interest in.
    • Nov 5 2011: Yes, Gale understands the side of man I see.

      However I'd like to better understand your premise about mother nature solving problems?
      • Nov 6 2011: Imagine a rubber band, now start stretching it till it reaches a point where it can't be stretched any further. It will either break or snap back violently. Mother Nature does the same thing only the time frame is usually much slower. Due to natural events & what humans have added to the mix, nature is now snapping back. What the out come will be is yet to be seen, but from what has been happening in the last few years, it doesn't bode well for living things.

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