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IQ: The Best Method to Measure One's Intelligence?

IQ, the Intelligence quotient, was already up for debate years ago.
Found by Sir James R. Flynn, it was once used as a service which tested soldier's mentality by the military system.

People said that the IQ test only measured such limited range of a human's capability of intelligence. Some had said that IQ is alike as the DNA Test, it is in overall to see how strong one's basic foundation to learn things around them, to grasp information swiftly and to intensify such a critical way of thinking—all these come from one's consanguinity in their perspectives.

Dictionary defines IQ: a number representing a person's reasoning ability (measured using problem-solving tests) as compared to the statistical norm or average for their age, taken as 100.

One's IQ score can vary—either decrease or increase—as one grows.
So, it comes to innuendo that it is not realiably the best method. It changes, how can it be? by factors of social surrounding, education system or aging process?

Success is today realized to be reached by determination, not by one's level of IQ. It also involves the play of EQ (Emotional Quotient) and for some cases, SQ (Spiritual Quotient).

However, many successful figures have high IQ: Alicia Keys, Shakira, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Madonna, Carol Vorderman of 154, Quentin Tarantino of 160, James Woods of 184—Coincidental?

Do you think that the IQ measures only reasoning ability or perhaps, another type of abilities?
Do you think that IQ is the best method to determine one's intelligence or are there any other ways, to consider all in all? (taking into account: EQ, SQ, Academic Performance etc.)

Relatable links:
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Best method to measure one's intelligence? Share it with us, even if you do suggest intelligence shouldn't be measured qualitatively


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  • Nov 1 2011: I feel a person's common sense level should be entered into the mix, for it does play an important part in a person's life.
    There are many people who never went to high school nor college that have wonderful intelligence levels.
    The testing for I.Q. levels seems out dated, due in part to having people learn throughout their lives. Does it make a person better then the next person just because they have a high I.Q.? No! It's what you do with your knowledge & common sense that stands you out from the crowd.
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      Nov 2 2011: Yes, this is the point of view I am looking for. :-) Thanks for your reply Gale. However, since this is a debate, don't you think people who possess higher level of IQ have higher chance to succeed compared to those who have standard ones? (in this case: they both work toward standing out of the crowd)

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