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How does one make a significant change towards genuine education?

What political channels are needed to reform education from an academic based system to an individualize system?

It is time to drop primitive ideas of educating for a set number of hours and a set number of topics. As the world progresses more and more ideas are needed to adapt to a world that is growing closer. A high school graduate today knows nothing of the real world except to get a job. That is not all this world has to offer and it offends my intelligence to not be told there are alternatives to life. A true education would have a high school graduates able to be a cop and any other civil job with no more schooling, that is not the case today.

America root of problems can be solved with a better education plan, how can it be done TED?

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    Feb 28 2011: Search Education Paradigms here on Ted, I think you'll what the video says. As an answer to your question I say I thank the world for idealists like you who still want such a change which will most likely never happen due to how much it would cost and due to the fact that for modern economy to keep going happily ever after the education system we have is almost perfect.

    I go to an international school in which we are so international we don't even care, so that's not it. I think History class is very important, since often they only teach you the facts so they can build your national identity. I think ideas should be taught, like what exactly is anarchism or socialism? Then you can start analyzing history in a very different way, not in HS, in elementary is where this should be taught.

    The most important thing I have to say is kids need to want to learn, and that comes from parenting, and since most parent haven't had a genuine education they can't make their children see what it is. There are too many parenting books out there, so for now I suggest teaching classes such as Theory of Knowledge in first grade rather than senior year.
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    Feb 28 2011: Kinder Garden Lesson #1:

    rather then teaching you how to fit a square into a square :D