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Do you think this year’s 99percent movements push towards global unity?

In campaigning against 'the man', many countries are carrying out similar movements and are joining together under one cause.
Do you agree or disagree? Why?
I'm writing a feature on this, leave your email address if you're happy to be contacted to discuss this further.


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    Nov 2 2011: As long as the 1% have found ways to create illusions through financial bubbles, wars or rumors of wars, most people have been content to struggle toward the mirage watching those who fall by the wayside with disdain. The last bust was so global that it added fuel to a sub culture of discontent that has always existed. We have economic expansion that does not require the efforts of ordinary people except with respect to their ability to consume. When you weigh the relative level of consumption globally then you can see that with 75% of the world's population consuming far below the west, there are many years of growth for the 1% reflected in simply getting the n billion people on the planet to a modicum of subsistence. It is a cold calculus but nonetheless, that's business.

    There are indeed a large percentage of people in the developed world that are disenfranchised. They vote for people who are not accountable past their election. They can not even punish non accountability by voting them out in the next election because as long as the politicians do the bidding of their real constituents (the large donors), they will have a hefty job waiting for them when the leave helping to influence the next occupant of that office.

    The occupy movements are a reflection of the new "misery index" for the mega consumers. Huge masses in developing countries are seeing this as an opportunity to improve their lot in life. Western culture has long been the magician, holding up illusions to the fascination of the rest of the world. The world is tired of watching and while we occupy Wall Street in a pathetic spirit of Auld Lang Syne, the developing world is moving up the ladder.

    If you are a westerner, find your way into he 1%. If the global 99% lives on $2 per day (admittedly and exaggeration) then the 1% will live well getting them to $4 per day. This is the cold calculus of global business and rapidly becoming an ugly reality.
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      Nov 2 2011: Hi Terry, thanks for your response. Would you be happy to answer a few questions via email? Please feel free to email tiffanyrn@hotmail.co.uk if you don't want to make yours public.

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