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Do you think this year’s 99percent movements push towards global unity?

In campaigning against 'the man', many countries are carrying out similar movements and are joining together under one cause.
Do you agree or disagree? Why?
I'm writing a feature on this, leave your email address if you're happy to be contacted to discuss this further.


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    Oct 31 2011: Tiffany,

    Thanks so much for bringing this question to TED and for focusing on the "we are the 99%" aspect of the #Occupy movements worldwide.

    There is a global conversation ongoing now at www.occupycafe.org but I must say the software supporting that conversation is not as good as the one here at TED. Still..new voices ( voices not part of ur TED Community) doing important work and brainstorming..

    Also lots of great links including to the "whoarethe99%" sites which are very very moving.

    The key to your question, I think is in the "who are the 99%" sites where people are posting just their own image holding handwritten placards about .their story as one of the 99%. What becomes clear is that everyone has the same story..people who did everything right, everything they were expected to do, repsonsibly , with dedication "came up short" and aren't seeing a way out. That gave rise to democracy.


    The 1% have always known and acknolwledged that social backlash could change the game of the 1%, the plutonomy, but have felt and written that as long as the 99% believed they still had a shot at the piece of the pie no such backlash would emerge.Well it has emerged and is continuing to arise inspite of police harassment.At the moment that backlash isn't visibly changing anything that goes on in the world of the 1% and at this moment the plutonomy is still firmly in control in the U.S.. the U.K., Canada, in most "free nations"

    The 99% have the power to take it all back; make our nations our globe serve the 99%..they just haven't figured out yet how to do that.An interesting theme that is emerging at Occupy Cafe that may be become politically significant in 2012 is the notion of "thrivability"..not viability. not survivability, not merely "sustainable" but "thrrivable.". Anther emerging theme is jobs for communities, community itself..rather than centralized control by a few in all sectors.It can happen.
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      Nov 2 2011: Thanks for your comment Lyndsay and for your links. Would you be happy to answer a few questions via email?
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        Nov 2 2011: yes, of course, Tiffany ..Contact me via TED email and I'll send you my email...or we can chat by skype.

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