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Do you think this year’s 99percent movements push towards global unity?

In campaigning against 'the man', many countries are carrying out similar movements and are joining together under one cause.
Do you agree or disagree? Why?
I'm writing a feature on this, leave your email address if you're happy to be contacted to discuss this further.


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  • Oct 30 2011: If you can prove that there is a single "cause" beyond people being angry that life is not fair then you might be able to provide a weak argument for a push towards global unity.

    Interesting analysis and commentary of American 99% / Occupy Wall Street movement.
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      Oct 30 2011: Hi Bob, thanks for your feedback.

      An interesting article yes but perhaps a little extreme? It's great to come across the other point of view though - it seems the media, especially here in the UK, is siding with the protesters.

      I think members/supporters may argue that this is about making life more fair, rather than circumstances being unfair in the first place.

      What do you think of Robin Hood tax?
      • Oct 30 2011: Sometimes the truth is extreme. Often people do not want to hear the truth because of the basic principle that the truth can be extreme. Use of the word "fair" to justify an unfair action seems extreme to me.

        I think the Robin Hood Tax is one of the worst ideas I have ever heard. (Next to the Venus Project)

        The idea is to create a "tiny" tax on banks that will generate "billions of pounds." That does not sound tiny. And just saying "No, the banks will not pass the costs onto us" is not good enough.

        WEBSITE QUOTE: "The Robin Hood Tax is justice. The banks can afford it. The systems are in place to collect it. It won't affect ordinary members of the public, their bank accounts or their savings. It's fair, it's timely, and it's possible."

        -Robin Hood Tax is NOT justice, it is illogical attempted revenge against the "evil rich man."

        -The banks will not have to afford it because the costs will be passed onto the customer. This has happened in the United States. Many transaction fees have been created or have gone up already as a result of legislation like this.


        It is sad and funny at the same time. The more people try to make the world "fair" the more unfair it becomes.
        • Oct 30 2011: No, Bob, it's an attempt to balance the terribly skewed imbalance between rich and poor which Wilkinson demonstrated will be our collective demise. Surely banks will pass this on, and I, for one would welcome a .005% drop on the already tiny interest rate I receive on my savings account. Your reference to the Bank-of-America charging a monthly $5 is certainly contrary to your argument as BofA is one of the worst of greedy offenders.
          A warning to those in favour of a Robin Hood tax: It's spending should NOT be administered by the current crop of politicians who seem to be in thrall to the same greedy banks and corporations as are destroying us.
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      Nov 3 2011: Bob, could not being "angry that life is not fair ," be the source of all social protest since the dawn of man. Yes it is not and if you have the slightest chance of making it better why would you not.

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