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If you have discovered something you are passionate about, how did you discover that thing?

Many people go through living bored, mundane, uninspired lives. Many have not taken it upon themselves to seek out what they are passionate about. I was like that for about 50 years and it seems by luck I found my mine.

How did you find yours?


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    Nov 5 2011: I am passionate about fish and the marine environment. I still remember getting my first mask at about 5 years old and being able to see clearly underwater. For years I tried to talk my father into joining me and he always was reluctant to put a mask on. I settled it by giving him a mask and snorkel for his birthday. He put it on his face and saw his first fish and was instantly hooked. That winter he asked if I would like to join him and take the Canadian Armed Forces Scuba Course. He was the oldest in the class and I was the youngest. That was 37 years ago and today I find myself president of the Marine Life Sanctuaries Society and an avid underwater videographer and fish sympathizer.
    I never tire of diving and what I have seen happen to the ocean in front of my own eyes, has motivated me to devote my life to stewarding the ocean and enlightening people on what is there to be seen and taken care of.
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      Nov 6 2011: Wow Roy! How utterly cool. To have known since age 5!!! I have walked under ancient seas while in the Grand Canyon but have never dived into today's oceans.

      Keep up your excellent work.


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