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If you have discovered something you are passionate about, how did you discover that thing?

Many people go through living bored, mundane, uninspired lives. Many have not taken it upon themselves to seek out what they are passionate about. I was like that for about 50 years and it seems by luck I found my mine.

How did you find yours?


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  • Nov 2 2011: I think I wanted to do so much and things kept getting in the way and before you know it the kids are grown and there are grandchildren. So what I finally discovered is that it was so complex and ahead of its time that the time is now and I want to give it back to a generation that came after me and one who needs it more now than I did then. (smile) Getting is good, but giving is greater!
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      Nov 2 2011: Good one James. And you know what? This time right now. This time. This moment and these times? This is your time!

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