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Lets support Open-Source Cancer Research and encourage more technological discoveries to freely Open-Source for the benefit all of humanity

I just seen the TED Talk by Jay Brander called Open Source Cancer Research and was very impressed and thankful for his efforts. The idea of freely sharing important discoveries with the world is teaching a new way of doing business.

Should Humanity try to quickly solve the problems facing us & not just be concerned with making a profit at the expense of human life? I hope this will be a new and widely adopted practice of sharing discoveries. Realizing the importance of their work I immediately went to their website to make a donation and I found an email address. ( I wrote to them to encouraged them to consider adding a capability on their website home page for people to donate money by all major credit cards, debit cards, e check, pay pal etc. so the public can quickly support their efforts.) If you would like to support their open source sharing of their cancer discoveries you may send an email to susan_korsmeyer@dfci.harvard.edu" or go to their website at http://bradner.dfci.harvard.edu//a> "A doctor and a chemist, Jay Bradner hunts for new approaches to solving cancer.

(As a research scientist and instructor in medicine at Harvard and Dana Farber Cancer Institute, he and his lab are working to subvert cancer's aggressive behavior by reprogramming the cell's fundamental identity. A molecule they're working on, JQ1, might do just that. (And he’s giving it away in order to spur faster open-source drug discovery.) If you're a researcher who'd like a sample of the JQ1 molecule, contact the Bradner Lab." Quoted from TED.)

How do we quickly find the reasons for our epidemic of chronic diseases? How can we take measures to reduce our risks, change our behaviors and our societies functioning to reduce the widespread use of pesticides, food processing, dumping of toxic substances in the environment, clean up the 2000 past atomic test sites, stop engaging in war and especially stop the use of chemical, biological and nuclear weapons causing diseases

  • Nov 6 2011: There are many "cures" for cancer available today, Michelle, but the medicines aren't in your local pharmacy, unless that is your garden.
    given the right "tools," your body can kill cancer on it's own, just feed yourself right.

    For a list of anti-cancer foods, let me know you need it, and i will provide and tell you why they work, too, if you need the mechanics of it...
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      Nov 7 2011: Thanks for writing back to me Jim, You may feel free to share any information you have about foods to eat to help people with Cancer in a reply to the post so others may read it too or start a new conversation or debate about it. This is a controversial topic and I think real blind studies are needed to determine the effectiveness and ineffectiveness of all treatments for Cancer. Since cancer is so widespread we really have to figure out how to effectively treat it for sure. The Dr Max Gerson approach is used outside of this country as it is not legal in USA. They use organic coffee enemas, and raw, organic, vegetarian diet and lots of juicing, water, etc. They have several documentaries about this method. Dr Loraine Day also suggests the raw, organic, vegetarian diet with lots of juicing, water, exorcise, sunshine, temperance, fresh air, rest and a trust in God to help your body's own immune system heal itself from Cancer. Many people are trying both of these methods but we need scientific study to be certain as to the effectiveness of the many conventional and unconventional Cancer treatments since the consequences are costly to the person if they follow the wrong path. Michelle
  • Nov 9 2011: Too any people are still trusting in researchers looking for cures that are already here. The problem is our diet, plain and simple
    Fresh Aloe Vera inner leaf gel, Astragalus, Echinacea, tree saps (maple syrup), gums (food thickeners), Chinese medicinal mushroom (Ganoderma Lucidum) are just a few examples of diet supplements that would give your body the essentail base sugars the cells of our bodies use as ID tags and a cell-to-cell or cell-to-system communications system.
    Example of effectiveness: In 1971-72 in a blind research, Fucose, one of the essential sugars, was shown to stop the growth and spread of cancerous tissue in the breast tissue of rats. Fucose is a food and cannot be patented, so the study results were shelved. That was 40 years ago!!! How many women do you know who had to go either under the knife or irradiated with "therapy" that more killed them than "cured" them.
    "Sugars that Heal" is a great little book you can order @ your local bookstore, has a lot of info in it about these foods.
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      Nov 9 2011: Dear Jim, Thanks for the info! Please send it to the people who matter. Things may have changed by now. Possibly scientists would be more interested in the information now. They are allowing the patenting all sorts of natural things now so someone may even be able to profit by it so then they will do research it and develop it as a therapy if not just to save people's lives. Michelle