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What are the two most important things worth living for - that you would sacrifice every thing you own for it?

In my perception, Steve Jobs, in his commencement address pointed out that creativity and his loving wife are the most precious things he had acquired from the ups and downs of his life. He says if it had not been for the failures,he wouldn't have these precious parts of his life. Well that is his view. What are yours?

  • Oct 29 2011: 1. to love
    2. to be loved
  • Oct 30 2011: Family & Country.
  • Oct 29 2011: 1. Jesus
    2. Eternal Life and sharing the Good News about how to get it with everyone else
  • Nov 6 2011: The two most important things?
    Living and dying.
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    Nov 4 2011: only one SILENCE
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    Oct 30 2011: 1. Life itself.

    2. There's no number 2.
  • Oct 30 2011: 1.Freedom
  • Oct 29 2011: Anwar, in order to love and be loved you first have to know the true definition of love.
    I can guarantee that you are loved. Jesus loves you. So item #2 on your list is already fulfilled.
    I know you are loved by at least one human being on this planet and probably many, many more.

    But what does it mean to "Love?"