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The hidden talent in individuals and misplacement of human resources throughout the world.

I believe there are many brilliant minds out there that have never had a chance to demonstrate what they are capable of. Perhaps a system or institute could be created to discover these hidden gems and intellectual capabilities. This could lead to further development of their ideas and theories, to be used for advancement of the world. We might be in a much more advanced world than we are now

  • Oct 30 2011: Pure academic talent is recognized by performance. Academic testing has the capability of getting an idea of some of the talent. There are prizes, scholarships, and awards helping some of these individuals exploit this demonstrated talent. However, outside of this system, the individual will have to recognize the talent with in them, then want to exploit it before offering it up for group exploitation, either public or private. As simple as this decision sounds, people with an extreme hidden talent or intellectual capacity may not be the most balanced, selfless, or motivated people. Could be they just want to go unnoticed through life and survive. With the accolades of great intelligence, comes great expectations and usually great pressure. The ultra-smart may realize this, and choose to have as much of a normal life as possible instead of living in the limelight. That is a lot of pressure.
  • Nov 3 2011: Both the smartest & most talented person in the world is probably dying of a childhood malady right now.
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    Oct 29 2011: The institute is a clever idea but nevertheless it has some flaws. First, the pool of talents is so immense that no institute of human design could manage it. If we were still bold enough to run it, the institute in order to function would have to employ thousends of people and kind of waste their talents. Perhaps a better idea would be to simply open borders and allow for free movement of people around the world. For that, however, we would have to dismantle the welfare state so as to prevent movement of bums looking for better social security services. It's just the tip of the iceberg anyway.
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      Oct 29 2011: Yer i see your point about the pool of talents being so big, maybe an institute just to receive possible smart ideas and then further filter them then choose to accept or not. Because at the moment it is all corporation driven, there aren't many government driven institute that will take in lots of inventive ideas and such. And furthermore all the corporation are single channel driven, if a car company only design cars,etc but then the inventive ideas from their field might be transferrable and also a lot of the ideas that doesn't work in their field, might have great potential in others, but we need effective structure to increase the efficiency of these ideas transfer, i think.