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Mistakes are necessary, aren't they?

Gandhi said: "Freedom is not worth having if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes". And of course, it seems as given, we are free to make mistakes. But are we really? Working in science, I got to witness a lot of examples of frowning upon any mistake. Even if you are just starting a new protocol, something you've never done before, or if you did everything right, but you have negative result to the hypothesis...well, it's still worth mentioning, don't you think? Perhaps not for publishing, but in some cases I wouldn't rule even that out.
Of course, I am not advocating here that people should force making mistakes, not at all, but I am saying that it seems to me it's been so much pressure on everyone "to do it right" immediately, that we somehow seem to have forgotten that everything takes time...or am I wrong? :))


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